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Dressing For Your Body Shape For Work | Work Outfits For Pear Shapes

Dressing for work can be a hassle and a bore if you work in an office and have to abide by a dress code. Knowing how to dress for your body shape is so important for everyday but sometimes people don't take into account this when they dress for work. I am a pear shape so I have a smaller top half then my bottom half and I have a small waist but bigger hips. Finding office clothes to fit that body shape can be hard when most black trousers look hideous on a big bum and short legs. I've picked out some of my favourite items to wear to an office which look great on pear shape bodies. 
Dressing For Your Body Shape For Work | Work Outfits For Pear Shapes

Culotte trousers & Cigarette trousers 
I love how culotte trousers look on me because they are super smart but don't make me look even more shorter than I am. I have small ankles so I like to show them off and these trousers do that perfectly. They are normally high waist as well so they really highlight my skinny waist. 

With cigarette trousers as well they fit my short legs perfectly and are tight where you need them to be down your legs. They balance out my body and with a crisp white shirt it looks super smart. I love tucking shirts into these trousers and layering them up with blazers or jumpers to complete my look.

Dressing For Your Body Shape For Work | Work Outfits For Pear Shapes

Peplum and Tube Skirts
I have always been a big fan of peplum skirts on a day to day basis so these are a perfect item to have in your work wear rotation. The length of the skirt makes my legs look longer then they actually are so they balance my body out. Again I pair these with a crisp shirt that I tuck in to the waist to highlight my waist and make me look smaller. These are great when it is warm in the office and your skin needs to breath. Your skin isn't covered in loads of layers and you still look smart and respectable. 

Dressing For Your Body Shape For Work | Work Outfits For Pear Shapes

Tight Dresses and Patterned Skirts 
During the summer a smart dress can be a life saver when it is unbearably hot in the office. It is simple, smart, easy to style and looks great with flats and heeled shoes. Finding the right tight dress for a pear shape can be hard so I tend to drift towards the more thinner fabrics so that they hug my body better, I find stiff material dresses don't show off my shape as well. 

Pattern skirts are a most for me during the winter season I have always been a mini skirt kind of girl. I pair these skirts with a plain long sleeve black top and black thick tights to make sure I am covered up for work. The only thing you have to watch out for is that you don't go crazy with the pattern skirts that are out in the shops. Stick to muted colours and patterns so the skirt isn't too distracting at work. 

Dressing For Your Body Shape For Work | Work Outfits For Pear Shapes

Coloured Trousers and Shirts
When shopping for work wear you can fall down the hole of the black and white rabbit hole and end up with a super plan wardrobe. Having a pear shape body means I tend to stay away from patterned or light trousers because they throw off my balance. So to add some colour into your wardrobe stick to darker colours and nothing too nude or skin coloured unless you want to look naked... Pairing any colour bottom with a white shirt again makes the outfit look smart and simple and depending on the season you have the choice of short sleeve or long sleeve. 

All images are from Pinterest in my Work Outfit board which you can click the link to go to. 
Writing this post has given me a huge urge to go work shopping so that I am sorted for my new job. Going from working in a shop to looking for work in an office means that my normal clothing isn't going to be suitable, that means one thing girls...shopping trip!

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