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The 5 Stages Of Clearing Out My Wardrobe

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It may just be me being a very sad person but I love a good clear out, especially when it comes to my wardrobe and bedroom. Every few months I like to go through my whole wardrobe and throw out all my old things that have collected in the nock and crannies of my overflowing wardrobe.

Here I am going to go through the 5 stages or questions I ask myself when I am de-cluttering my wardrobe.

1. When was the last time I wore it?
If I haven't wore a item for more than two season I make myself get rid. I am a big horder sometimes and think 'oh I'll wear that if I ever go...' and then I still never wear the item so I know it is just taking up space where sometime new could live.

2. Is it in good nick?
If anything has any pulls or holes in and I can't fix it (or usually my mother...) I get rid, there is no point in keeping it in my wardrobe for me never to wear again because it looks trampy now.

3. Do I have anything to wear with it/wear it to?
Sometime you can have an amazing top which you love but never wear it because you don't have anything to wear with it, it is too hard to style with other pieces but you don't wan't to let it go. And there is no point keeping a prom dress when you are never going to go to a prom again. Get rid of it if it never leaves the wardrobe so someone else can show it some sunlight!

4. Is it still my style?
My style has changed so much over the years and some of the items I used to wear only a year ago I would never wear now so keeping them is silly. If I don't see myself wearing it now it is a definite throw away!

5. Does it still fit?
The one thing we sometimes can't admit to ourselves, when our most loved pieces are too small for us but it would break our heart to get rid of them. When you have worn a lovely outfit to an occasion you usually want to cherish it forever but when you have 10 of them outfits it can get a little crowded. I think to myself as long as I have photos of the great night, I don't need to keep all these special outfits especially if they don't fit anymore!

Although sorting through and getting rid of old clothes can be a long process, it is also great once it is done as your old clothes can help other people along the way. All the clothes I decide to throw out either go to friends and family or to the charity bins at my nearest supermarket. Sometimes that makes the whole process a little easier to go through.

P.s. No that sadly isn't my wardrobe in the photo, thanks IKEA for taking such great photographs for your website! Click here for the wardrobe!
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  1. I really need to keep these questions in mind, i hold on to clothes way too long!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. I hold onto my clothes waay too much, definitely need to try and have a clear out!

    Heather | www.heathermaisie.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I've said to myself today I'm going to spend the morning clearing out my entire clothes collection & this is just what I needed to read, perfect! I think when I last wore it/is it still 'my' style are the two points I go off the most, whenever I do this. I always either put it in a drawer for a later date or save it 'just in case'. Today is going to be ruthless, haha..!!

    Katie // Words by Katie


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