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3 Techniques For Washing Make Up Brushes

3 Techniques For Washing Make Up Brushes
I like to change up how I wash my makeup brushes frequently depending on how much time I have, how many brushes I need to wash and of course, if I can be bothered. Some techniques are quick and easy and some take more time but they give my brushes a thorough deep clean so there are good and bad points for both. Here are my favourite three techniques to use...

I was pulled in by the hype for this product and if I am being completely honest I do not use it as much as I should, but it is always handy to have on hand. With this cleanser I usually cover a cotton pad in the solution and rub my eye brushes repeatedly on the pad until the brushes are clean. This is a easy way to clean your eye brushes in between deep washes when you run out of clean brushes and can't be bothered to do a big clean. This is handy thing to have on your desk with your makeup brushes but it doesn't clean my brushes completely and I do find the cleanser can run out quick so I never use it for big face brushes otherwise it would run out after just a few brushes. Also for £12 it can be quite costly when you have to keep re-purchasing it so its not the cheapest option. 

Recently I jumped on the bang wagon and started using soaps to clean my beauty blenders and I haven't looked back. I got this mini beauty cleanser in a Birchbox many moons ago and never used it as I wasn't a big sponge lover at the time. Roll on a few years and I dug it out of my draw and tried it out and found it was so so easy to use. Usually I would use a lot of shower cream to clean my sponges with which would take a while depending on how much product was in them but with this soap it takes minutes. It is a life saver but at £14 it can be pricey for a small soap so I like to mix it up and use my shower gels as well so it doesn't break the bank. I tend to only use this for beauty blenders and sponges as it isn't the best product to clean brushes with. 

This is definitely the cheapest option and gives my brushes the best clean out of all the three. I like to do a big clean with all my brushes when I use this method so I don't tend to do it too often as it can be time consuming. When I do use this method I feel like a new women after I am finished. I usually wet the  brushed under a running tap and then swirl them around in a handful of shower gel and run under running water again until it runs clean. This can be super quick with eye shadow brushes but can take longer with foundation brushes. This is my favourite method to wash my brushes and for just £6.50 these products can last for months and months even if you washed your brushes once a week. 

Which method do you prefer to use? Do you have any cheaper alternatives? 
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