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I love a good walk around a little village or a country park on my day off or during the evening. It clears my mind if something is bothering me and helps me think of new ideas or make decisions that are playing on my mind.

Here is a list of reasons why a good old walk makes life easier...
  • the peace and quite of the countryside 
  • the great views which take your breath away 
  • the house hunting opportunity 
  • being alone with your thoughts 
  • the chance to catch up and have a good chat with someone during the walk 
  • the creative juices that flow while your mind is free 
  • the good old fresh air - sometimes you need it after spending all morning in bed watching films 
  • the excuse to get your best fluffy warm coat out 
  • the good feeling you get when a old couple say hello to you on your walk because they are just that polite
  • the gardening inspiration
  • the chance to get out of the house
  • bumping into dog walkers and coo over their fluffy friends
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