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LaRoc Beginners Eye Shadow Palette

LaRoc begginers eye shadow palette eBay

LaRoc is a brand that I have never really heard of before. I stumbled on this amazing palette by chance on eBay when I was hunting for bargains on the website, as you do. When I found this palette of 88 different shade for only £4.99 I couldn't say no! For that price even if they weren't very pigmented and I only used them for base colours I didn't mind at all since I had 88 colours to choose from. 

I am excited to tell you all that the pigmentation of these colours is in one word - amazing. The shade range is incredible with the colour ranging from white and greys, to nudes to golden browns and taupe's. Plus you don't just have one shade of each colour, you get around 5! This is a great palette for people who love to do natural everyday eye shadow but it also has other shades that you can create a good smokey eye with and vamp up your makeup for the evening. You also get a few extra crazy colours like the grass green, dark green and fushia colour, just in case some days your feeling adventurous.  There are 45 shimmer shades and the rest are all matte shades perfect to use as a base for the shimmer colours. You can already see big dents in some of the shades where I have worn them no stop recently. 

LaRoc begginers eye shadow palette eBay

Now the part you have all been waiting for... are the eye shadows good quality or not?
They are definitely great quality eye shadows especially for the price and size of the palette you get! The eye shadows definitely pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation and the texture is really creamy so you know they will last. To make the most impact I like to use the smudge brush that comes with the palette to apply the product to my eyes as normal eye shadow brushes don't pick up or transfer much product. These eye shadows last all day on my lids and don't need a top up or pick me up during the day which I love. Lastly the shade of product that you see in the palette is a true colour match for the shade that appears on your lids, too often does a eye shadow look slightly different on your skin to how it looks in the palette and then it ruins the look you were going for. 

The packaging of the palette is very sleek and no fuss which I like although it does get dirty very easily, especially when im switching back between my products and I still have makeup on my hands. Good that about this palette is that it is super easy to clean thank god! Yes the size of the palette isn't ideal for traveling but what do you expect if you want all 88 shades in one place? The palette is ultra slim so you can fit it in your luggage somewhere! 

I own a lot of eye palette now (slaps wrist) and I always seem to come back to this palette for shimmer shades to use on top of other eye shadows as the shades work with any eye shadow and add that extra bit of glam to a make up look. 

This palette would be great for a present or great to buy for yourself if you want a palette which has everything in. You can find this palette here
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  1. Lovely post! These look amazing, I'm obsessed with nude eye shadows. Will defiantly have to pick one of these up for myself.
    Emily Xxx

    1. Thank you! It's definitely worth ordering one :) x

  2. If you like this palette, I would recommend checking LaRoc eye palettes out on Amazon! My friend (from www.justanotherbritishgirlblogs.blogspot.com) ordered one of these for only £3.99, but with 120 eyeshadows of the same size. I've tried it out a bit and the shadows are so pigmented and really beautiful matte and shimmer shades. Great review :)

    Alice x

  3. It's brilliant that there are so many shades and the pigmentation is good. Definitely get your moneys worth here!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  4. Ive never heard of this brand but this palette looks dreamy - I might have to try it out for myself haha!



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