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The £12.99 Curling Wand You Need | B&M

The £12.99 Curling Wand You Need | B&M

Since chopping off most of my hair this month I have really tried to style my hair more often. I am super lazy when it comes to doing anything with my hair but when I do do something with it, I love it  and wish I styled it more often.

I found curling my hair was a real chore before especially with my long hair, I used to use my straighteners to curl my hair but it never curled my hair the way I wanted it to. Then my sister told me about a curling wand she picked up from B&M that gave her the perfect waves in her hair. I don't like tight curls as I think it makes my face look even more round than it already is so lose waves and curls sounded perfect for me.

Since buying my own wand last week I have had my hair curly for 99.9% of the time as it is so quick and easy to curl thick hair with this. I have the thickest hair out of everyone body that I know so usually I have section my hair into tiny sections just to make curls work in my hair. But with this wand I can curl a large chunk of my hair in one go as long as I hold the hair on the wand for long enough.

I find with this wand I can curl small sections or large sections easily and the curls last all day in my hair. The next day the curls are loose waves which look lush as a everyday look. I also find the longer I hold my sections of hair on the wand the more tight the curls are so I can use this to my advantage depending on what look I was going for.

The reason I am writing a whole post on this curling wand is because it is an amazing price of just £12.99 at B&M which is an absolute bargain! There are quite a few designs including leopard and zebra print but I want with the least tracky (no offence to your leopard lovers out there) option which was a silver glitter design.

It you are on the look out for a new curling wand and don't want to fork out a lot of money on one then this curling wand is for you. It is perfect for traveling with and it wont brake the bank so its a win win!
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  1. Glad it isn't just me that's super lazy with their hair haha! This curling wand sounds so good, and it's such a good price too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It really is and it makes doing my hair so easy thank god haha :) x


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