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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pippa Palette

For Christmas I got the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Pippa Palette from my partners parents and I am so thankful for it. I had heard about the brand before through Sinead Cady from the Makeup Chair on YouTube and I have been wanting to try something from the brand for a while.

This palette is the perfect palette for me as it is great for easy everyday smokey eyes which don't look to crazy and over the top. I am not one to stand out with my makeup, call me boring but I like to do subtle makeup that compliments my face and looks natural and that is so easy to achieve with this palette. In the palette you get a bronzer/contour shade Amour, a blush Pipsy, a highlighter Lulu and six eye shadow shades K.D, Dodo, Susu Tobi, Ollie and Lily. I love how natural all these shades are from the blush and highlight to the contour colour and I have used all the shades and liked how they turned out. I am not a big blush fan as you all know but Pipsy is a lovely soft natural shade which with a soft hand is hardly noticeable on the skin if you don't like to have an obvious blush on your cheeks. Amour is a lovely ash brown shade which I really like to contour with and Lulu is a gorgeous subtle golden highlight which I can't wait to wear during the summer.

For my everyday eye shadow I have been covering my whole lid with Ollie to make my lid look neutral for the look, I then use Tobi on the outer half of my lid and Susu on the outer third of my lid. To add some dept to the look I add a little of Dodo in the outer corner and if I am feeling really brave I add a tiny bit of K.D in the outer corner. These eye shadows are powdery when you swatch them but don't appear chalky or patchy when on the lids. The eye shadows blend really easily and last all day on my eye lids so they past the test there. The packaging for the palette is your standard cardboard which I know a lot of people don't like but I don't have a problem. It has a pretty pink girly design which I think is really pretty and stands out in my draw which is full of pretty much all black palettes.

For £30 it isn't the cheapest palette on the market and I don't see it to be a very big brand that talked about a lot but I totally think the palette is worth the price. I think it is a great palette for everyday use and with the amount that I use this palette, totally worth the money.

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