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9 YouTubers Worth A Watch

I love nothing more than laying around being lazy and binge watching beauty videos on YouTube and I have a collection of girls who I love to binge watch their videos on a weekly basis.

9 YouTubers Worth A Watch
M E G  S A Y S
Meg is someone who I have been subscribed to since she started YouTube 2 years ago and I fell in love with her straight away. I love her makeup videos because does really beautiful natural glowy looks that you can recreate on a day to day basis. I also completely trust her monthly favourite recommendations and watch her videos religiously. I never miss her videos and love watching her vlogs especially if Will is in them, them two are super cute.

T H E  M A K E U P  C H A I R
Sinead was one of the first beauty You-tubers I watched and all these years later I still swear by her videos. I like that she breaks down videos to make them really easy to follow and she literally has a video for everything! Plus I love her accent I wish I had it!

T H E  A N N A  E D I T 
Anna is an old school You-Tuber who again was one of the first people I started to watch on YouTube. I love that Anna is a beauty YouTuber who is super natural and doesn't cake herself in makeup which is how I am a day to day basis so I totally trust her recommendations. You can tell she genuinely likes the products she talks about and recently she did a video where she tried something new everyday for a week and vlogged her thoughts and I loved it.

Steph is a new obsession of mine who I have recently watched nearly every video of, she seems to make any product whether it is a really underrated cheap product look amazing on her skin. She loves her drugstore makeup which is one of the reasons I love her so much as she talks about stuff that everyone can afford. Her makeup just slays every time and I wish I was her friend.

S O P H  D O E S  N A I LS
I discovered Sophie at the end of last year and her videos are so good. She does great testing makeup videos trying out different technics and brands and that was how I found her. I love testing makeup videos and she has some pretty great ones on her channel. I love the way she does her makeup and again she is a drugstore makeup lover!

L U C E  S T E P H E N S O N
After finding Sophie I discover Luce who is very similar to Soph but deserves a lot more followers then she has! Like Soph she posts testing makeup videos and reviews on her channel which I totally trust as she is so relatable. I love the way she does her makeup and the range of products she uses so anyone can afford to buy them too.

J U S T  J O D E S
Ahh my Jodes! I don't know who was the first person to start the 'Testing Makeup' trend but for me Jodes is my queen of it. I have been subscribed to Jodes for years now and she has always been one of my favourites. She has such a range of videos to her testing makeup videos to high end hauls and everything else in between. I love watching this girl.

Now I thought I would do honorable mentions to two girls I love to watch who aren't all about beauty. The first is...

F A B U L O U S   H A N 
I bloody love this girl! Everything she says is hilarious and she is so down to earth I can totally relate to her! I could watch her all day and not get bored so she needs to live stream her life for everyone to see. If I could chose one YouTuber to be best friends with it would definitely be Han!

R H I A N N O N  A S H L E E
I started watching Rhiannon when she was at the end of her pregnancy and I loved how open and honest she was about everything she was going through while pregnant, then she gave birth to Delilah and I have been a sucker for the family every since. I religiously watch her vlogs now and love seeing what her, Delilah and Doug get up to. I feel like i'm a part of the family and I feel like a proud family friend watching Delilah grow up which is so strange considering I have never met any of them. I think Rhiannon is a great mother and I love how she is still so open and honest about parenthood even when people make comments on everything she does.
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