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J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child

J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child
J K Rowling | Fantastic Beast and the Cursed Child

For Christmas I received both of J K Rowling new books and I think it is about time I talked about them. I have been a fan of J K Rowling since I was child and fell in love with her stories very early on so I was super excited for her new releases.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is my favourite book out of the two for some many reasons. Firstly the artwork for the book is brilliant, the book cover is removable and a super soft silky material with gold embroidery for the book name and illustrations. The book is set out as a screenplay which I haven't had much experience reading before but I really enjoyed reading this style. One of the things I love about this story is that it is completely brand new as it is set in the 1920s so before the Harry Potter era, I like the fact that you can read this book without having to have read any of the other books. It is refreshing to read something new and this story is brilliant. I love all the magical creatures it features in the story and Newt is my favourite character, I think the actors in the movie are perfect choices for all the characters and Jacob is such a cute character! If you like action packed stories about magic then this is perfect for you.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was a book I was really excited about since it followed on from the last book and included all the main characters so I was excited to see how they all turned out. Again this is in the style of a screenplay which was interesting to read but I did find that the story jumped too much for me. I loved the idea of including past events from the Goblet of Fire in this book with the time turner. My favourite part of the story is definitely the ending to part two where all the characters are together and it incorporates Voldemort in the story. I have to say I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous seven in this story but it was always going to be hard to follow on from such a beloved story. I definitely would encourage any HP fans to read this book just to see how the characters end up and on the whole this book is a good read.

Both books are not too long so they both jump straight into the stories which is my favourite types of books. Being a huge Harry Potter fan there was no question that I had to have these in my collection and I would recommend reading The Cursed Child to find out how the characters ended up and I would recommend Fantastic Beasts mainly just because it is an amazing story and anyone can read it!
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