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Day out in Cambridge

Here are some of the photos I took during my day trip to Cambridge with two good friends of mine who you'll see in some of the photos, it was such a good day even though the sun decided to disappear this day.
  #1- Me and James before we set off for the drive to Cambridge, Our breakfast of cinnamon buns with extra chocolate (YUM), a selfie of me, James and Tom, the boys after they enjoyed their breakfast
  #2 - James doing all the work and Tom pretending he is helping, standard selfie on the river, a working James and a smiling Tom
 #3 -Pictures of sights along the river with a selfie in-between
 #4 -More river sights
 #5 - Three very different selfies with the boys on the river (James' face in the last one is my favourite!)

#6&7 - Photos of the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology in Cambridge with a selfie of me and James being lazy and taking the lift

Cambridge is fast becoming my favourite place to visit so expect more photos of trips to visit the boys down there in the future! :)
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