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My ten guilty pleasures


I am quite a naughty person when it comes to having things that I shouldn't, I've never been able to stick to a diet and I am too impatient to ever wait for something, so this idea of writing about my ten guilty pleasures in life is rather fitting for me.

My first guilty pleasure is probably going to be the most obvious one, Chocolate. I know I shouldn't have it as it gives me loads of spots and makes me lethargic but I just can't resist it.

My second guilty pleasure is a bit nerdy but I've embraced my geeky side so I don't mind sharing with you guys, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and when I say huge I mean I went to the cinema to watch the anniversary special on the big screen (which was great). I may not look like your typical Doctor Who fan but I never miss an episode.


My third guilty pleasure is a follow on from the last one, David Tennant. Need I say more? I find him so attractive it is really weird, whether I watch him in Doctor Who or St Trinian's or whatever, I fancy the pants off of him. Don't judge!

It doesn't even stop there, since Matt Smith took over the Doctor role I have found myself starting to fancy him too, maybe its all down to them playing the Doctor that makes me find them attractive but I do and I embrace it.

Following the theme of old men, my fourth guilty pleasure is Colin Firth. Don't ask me why but I fancy him in everything, Bridget Jones, Mamma Mia, St Trinians again (can you imagine have excited I am when I watch the film with they both are in it..) He is my definition of the perfect man *wipes drool my mouth*

My fifth guilty pleasure is something that I don't care who knows and people can feel free to judge me, it is One Direction. Right from the start when they were on the X Factor I loved them, I voted for them and I bought the songs they sang on the show on iTunes every week. I was a dedicated fan to the core.

My sixth guilty pleasure is my ultimate weakness, Lasagna. I am obsessed with lasagna and I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I wouldn't get fat. Homemade or at a restaurant I will 99.9% of the time get lasagna even if I have had it the night... I have a lasagna problem.

My seventh guilty pleasure is Christmas, let it snow let it snow let it snow. It is my favourite time of year!

My eighth guilty pleasure is David Attenborough's voice. That man could send me to sleep with his voice, it is so peaceful and soothing. I love watching his nature programs on my days off.

My ninth guilty pleasure is singing very very loudly in my car while I'm driving, to the point where cars that are driving next to me look round because they can hear me. My car is like my own little stage haha. I also like to play a new song that I love repeatedly until I am sick of the song and can no longer listen to it. I do it every time and never learn from it!

My tenth and final guilty pleasure is plucking peoples eyebrows. I absolutely love it! I love plucking my friend's, boyfriend's and my own eyebrows. I find it so fun and entertaining, a rather calming which I understand Is very strange.

What are your guilty pleasures? :)

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  1. Hi Chelsea, yeah my guilty pleasure is Doctor Who - especially David Tennant, who can say no with that radiating smile! lol
    A great list of guilty pleasure :)



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