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My Beauty And Style Bibles | Lauren Conrad & Fleur De Force

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I love a good book and books about how to do certain makeup tricks and how to fine the perfect pair of jeans are my favorite kind. I find these books so good to help learners start picking the right products and finding their own techniques that work for them. I regularly go back to these books to help me do a certain style of makeup or what I should be avoiding. 

Fleur De Force \ The Glam Guide 
Of course like everyone else I went crazy for Fleur's book when it first came out, I pre-ordered it and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. Since I loved Fleur as a person and as a YouTuber, I knew I was going to love the content of this book. The range of topics it talks about is huge, it contains makeup, hair, fashion, travel, fitness, tips for blogging and YouTube and a section on self confidence and body image. She takes you through the colour wheel which tells you what colours suit which eye colours, the best brushes for every task and how to choose foundations. The layout of the book is so dreamy, it looks perfect on my book shelf on display and I find myself looking back on a day to day basis for little snippets to use.

beauty, books, bibles, lauren conrad, fleur de force, the glam guide,

Lauren Conrad \ Beauty 
I have been obsessed with Lauren Conrad ever since I was a die heart fan of The Hills. I loved her style and how she presented herself so of course I bought both her books! In the Beauty book she includes so much information, if you were to only buy one beauty book I would convince you to buy this one. The book includes skincare, haircare, how to deal with stress, fitness and food, everyday and party makeup, everyday and party hair, nails and lastly it gives you lists of ingredients you should avoid using for certain skin. It literally has everything in! It includes photos of loads of different models with all different skin colours, hair colours, hair lengths and styles to show you how to do different makeup and hair on different people. Just like The Glam Guide this book looks so pretty on my shelf and very swish. 

beauty, books, bibles, lauren conrad, fleur de force, the glam guide,

Lauren Conrad \ Style 
Just like Lauren's Beauty book, her Style book is jam packed full of useful tips, tricks and lovely photos of Lauren looking beautiful- slight girl crush going on. It includes so much helpful tricks that help you save money like where to splurge and save, how to update outfits, how to shop effectively online, how to prolong outfits, how to hand wash clothing and how to dress a LBD 5 ways. It also talks about how to find the perfect pair of jeans, how to de-clutter your wardrobe (I bet we all need to do this), every pair of shoes you'll need and how to downplay and show off you different body parts. As well as all that it has extra sections of makeup and hair (which is a condensed version of her beauty book), how to dress for work and school and what to take with you when you are traveling. 

All of these books are so useful and worth a read if you are into beauty like me, they also all say slightly different things so it isn't like reading the same book twice. I love reading different peoples opinions on certain trends and how they do it on themselves. One thing all of these books have in common is they have a section on 'how to do smokey eyes' which is perfect for me! I am slowing getting better which I like to think is because of these books. If you have any other beauty books that are worth a read, leave them in the comment. 

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