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Photo Diary : June - July

I thought I'd do a photo round up for June and July for you because for once I have been doing stuff. Little old me who likes to live in her bed on all her days off actually went out into the world. Horay.

Bella Italia Bedford Cambridge Rimmel Kate Moss Monthly Roundup

Here is a photo of me, my sister and my friend Leanne before a night out in my town. In the end we were the only three to actually to go out because everyone else bailed but it was such a good night of dancing and drinking quite a bit which is unlike me. I can't wait for another night out with these two, my feet will definitely hurt afterwards! 

Me and Cal had a date night at the Bella Italia at the Mk stadium retail park and it was super delicious. I went for this huge cheese and tomato pizza which was amazing and a side plate of chips because why not, you only live once. Cal went for a chicken dish which I can't remember the name of but he liked it so it was all good. 

Me, Cal and Laura went for a walk round Wickstead park in Kettering on a really sunny evening and walked round for a bit before getting some burgers at a local pub restaurant. Because it was so sunny I decided to park my car under a big tree so It wasn't like molten lava when we returned. Everyone laughed at me but it worked so I got the last laugh. 

Heres a snap of me and Cal laying on the grass in Jesus Green in Cambridge after spending the day there. We walked round the center and along the river before going a bit mad with the shopping. We even went punting together which was even more better than the first time but it was so hot we had to grab a ice cream straight after. 

I am in love with this new shirt I picked up in Newlook. I live in over sized shirts for most of the autumn and winter months and I guess I thought wearing this one would bring on the cold weather. Its so comfy and I've already worn it to death. 

I also bought these two new Rimmel lipsticks from Boots hoping that Autumn will be on its way soon. The left one is part of the Kate Moss nudes collection and it is shade 45 and the second one is a lovely dark nude-y/brown in the shade 066. 

Last Saturday me and Cal went to Bedford for the day before I went back to work and we found this little pub restaurant on the high street and had the best lunch ever. We both had lush burgers and I had this lovely strawberry milkshake. 

This is Cal relaxing on the sofa of the pub with my empty glass of milkshake and a very full stomach. 

I'm starting to eat breakfast every morning again and so far so good, I've been eating these oats with strawberry yogurt and I'm still loving them one week on. Hopefully I don't get bored and go back to having a chocolate bar when I get to work to keep me going, Wish me luck! 
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