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Why being a grown up sucks

Why being a grown up sucks

I know that growing up is a part of life that you can't ignore or miss but sometimes when your already deep into the start of your adult life, you miss the times when your only worry was that you got home in time to watch Authur (anyone else obsessed with that on CBBC? Please tell me it wasn't just me)

Here are a few reason why being a grown up, in simple terms, sucks. 

#Having to work full time at a job that doesn't actually fill you with happiness
#Always having something to save for so every time you spend a little bit of money you feel guilty
#Not being able to pull sickies when you want a day in bed to mope (especially when your actually in charge of people at work)
#Feeling like there is always something you are meant to be doing when your finally get some time to relax 
#Realising there never is any free time 
#The pressure to have a grown up job/life/relationship
#The changes to the dating game. What ever happened to holding hands on the playground
#The judgmental looks you get from people when you tell them you spent your day off in bed watching 99 films
#Never having money when you need it #billsbillsbills
#Having to learn to cook (If I could live on takeaways I would believe me)
#And finally realising that you'd rather be where you are today with these little annoyances then be a kid again because let's be honest, kids TV isn't what it used to be!

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