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Lips By Kiko

I thought it was only right that I write a post about my lip products from Kiko as I love them quite a lot and think they deserve some lime light. For the price that they are, the products are such great quality and are lovely to use. 

Starting of with some of the many lip balm products I have from Kiko, I'll talk about the pH Lip Enhancer Base and Glossy Balm. I bought this in the first place ages ago because it intrigued me a lot, a pH lip enhancer? I didn't know what it would do to be perfectly honest. I agree with the 'glossy balm' statement as it leaves my lips very glossy and plumped, perfect to prep your lip before a lipstick. I do find that the product brings out the natural colour of my lips and makes it look more rosey and healthy, no body wants dull dry lips! It also smells of chocolate?!

I also have the Glossy Balm Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm. Yes I know its another glossy lip balm but I have a problem okay? This does have a difference to the previous one though. Instead of being a stick the packaging has a ball on the end that dispenses product onto your lips as you roll the ball on them. I love this packaging idea and it makes the application of the product really soothing as the ball is cold so the product stays cold on your lips while it sinks in. When you first apply the product it does feel quite greasy on the lips... until it sinks in and then it you are left with non - greasy hydrated lips! 

Now for my last balm of the day... the Kiss Balm in 03 Tutti Frutti. Firstly can I just say the packaging of this product is very cute and expensive looking, especially for just a lip balm. This gives my lips a gorgeous colour perfect for the summer months when you don't want to clog your lips up with a thick lipsticks but you want a some colour on your lips. This balm is super moisturising, probably the most moisturising out of all three. The colour doesn't last long on your lips but for the price you can apply this balm 10 times a day and it will still cost you less then a similar expensive version. 

Now time for my first lip gloss in the collection (well proper lipgloss, you'll understand when you read about the next product). The Creamy Wet Look Lip Gloss in 103 Pearly Coral is my lips but much better looking. The product does make my lips look wet but in a really nourished way if you know what I mean, they look like I'd tried to have some drink and missed my mouth badly. When I am having a 'no make up' make up day I like to use this lip gloss to give my lips so shine but not so I look like I have tried. 

Lastly my newest product from the brand is the Pencil Lip Gloss in number 10 Dark Rose. I choose this shade as it was a nudey/beige shade which as you can tell from my recent lipstick post, I am loving that shade. The pencil is a touch lighter on my lips then what I expected but I still love the colour that I get. Being a 'pencil lip gloss' is a strange concept to myself but to be completely honest with you, it is basically just a giant lip pencil. I love that I can cover my entire lips with just a few lines of this pencil because it is a large size and it comes in handy when you just want to quickly do something to your lips while your on the go. The durability of the pencil is standard I'd say, I put it on first thing in the morning and reapply it after my lunch and it lasts the best part of the day. 

If you haven't invested in some lip products from Kiko before trust me when I say they are worth a trip! 
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  1. I've never tried any of Kikos lip products! They look really nice and I love their eye products! :)
    Anjna Harish 

  2. I love KIKO but haven't seen many of these in store!! I love their lip liners they are so creamy and really keep your lipstick in place for the whole day! Love the sound of the lip balm! Looks luxurious and the ball-rolling packaging sounds so cool! xx



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