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Revolution Makeup Fluid Blushes

I think I have found my soul mates with these blushes... Okay that may be a little over dramatic but I stand by what I say. I have already posted about the Matte Foundation by Revolution Makeup that I purchased recently and these blushes are my second loves from the brand.

To be honest I went straight on the website and purchased these after reading a certain post about them *link* and I am so glad that I did. 

I love the idea of liquid blushes but I have been scared off by other brands. I have a Elf liquid blush that is quite thick and hard to work in so I tend to have big pink patches on my cheeks. The great thing about these blushes are that they are a good consistence so they are really easy to work in, I can dab the top on my hand quite a few times and never have to wash away excuse off my hands
The colour is really subtle on my skin so I never have to worry about looking like a drag queen and I can build the blush up if I wanted. 
The blush also leaves me with a healthy glow which I never find with power or crème blushes. I currently have two shades, Pink Dew and Pink Sea and love them both with Pink Dew as my favourite as it works similar to a liquid highlighter- do they even make them?!

These are my number one blushes to use at the moment and if you have these yourself then you know why. If any of you have these blushes tell me what you think! :) xx

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  1. These sound so lovely! I've never tried a liquid blush before but they are so intriguing! Do you find they last longer than cream/powder blushes?

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

    1. Heya, they do last longer than any other powder blush i have ever used! x

  2. thankyou so very much - great blog!


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