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Coat Shopping, again

People who have read my blog for a long while now will know of my obsession with buying a new coat every winter. I don't ever need a new coat, I just want a new one for the winter. Last year I bought my  Del Boy Coat from eBay and absolutely loved it. I worn it to death -but it is still in great condition- well done eBay!

This year I have already bought my new coat for this winter, and I may have bought more than one... naughty me. 

The first coat I picked up is actually a jacket, a very nice jacket. I have been obsessed with finding a denim jacket with a fur collar ever since Corrie from Dizzy Brunette wore one in one of her videos. My one is from Primark and was a bargain at £16! I bought it in a size up so I can layer it over jumpers and thicker tops when it gets colder. I love the fur collar on this jacket especially the colour, which I can remove if I wanted to, but I won't. The fit of the jacket is great and although I have to roll the sleeves up one time, it fits me like a glove everywhere else.

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I'm planning to wear this jacket with black jeans and leggings this winter, as well as over casual dresses. 

My second coat is from the Generation section at Newlook. Don't laugh at me when I tell you this but... It is age 10-11. I've always fitted into the teens section at Newlook but never have a ever fitted in something so small. Apart from the astonishing size it is a really great jacket. The material keeps me so so so warm I never want to take it off. It feels like I am wearing a fluffy dressing gown all day. I love the style of the jacket and the fact it isn't a really short version which I have seen around a lot. And it has pockets, I loveeeee pockets! Don't know why but if something has pockets, I'm more likely to want it. With my discount it was only £20 which I thought was a really good price for a jacket. 

Coat, Shopping, Newlook, Primark, Winter,

I'm already wearing this coat with my blue and black coloured jeans and on top of my leather skirt. 
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