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Highlighting on a budget

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I enjoyed writing my Bronzing On A Budget post so much last month that I have turned it into a series and followed it on with this Highlighting on a budget post! You are welcome...

I have four budget highlighters to show you today and I'll start with my favourite two. They are by Makeup Revolution and are so so amazing! I have the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach lights and the same in Pink lights. Pink lights is definitely more pigmented and vibrate whereas the Peach lights is more subtle and natural. Although powder highlighter isn't my favourite I do love using these two as they work really well at lasting all day and add a lovely glow to your cheeks during nights out. These powders do have the power to make you look like a shinny glitter ball is you go over board with the highlighter so having a light hand is a must.

My second highlighter is by Newlook and I have mentioned it before on my blog. It is the shade 93 gold and is great at using on the cheek bones. I prefer the effect this stick gives my skin during the day as it is much more natural and effortless then the powder highlighters which can look too much during the day. I like to pop this on my cheek bones and on my phones over my foundation but I plan on trying it under my foundation as well as I think it might give my foundation an added feature. The formula of the highlighter is really creamy so it is really easy to blend and move around the face once you have swiped a line.

The last highlighter I am mentioning is the Kiko Makeup highlighter pencil from their contouring pencil set. This is very similar to the Newlook highlighter stick apart from it isn't as creamy as the Newlook one and it has a more pointed end so it is easier to apply your highlighter more precisely. Again this stick is perfect for during the day when you want to add a little shine to your face and dont want your face to look like a glitter ball.

Let me know what your favourite budget highlighters are! 
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