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Three things I've been loving this September '15

My monthly favorites started out as a huge list of products when I first started blogging and now I find it hard to think of 5 things that I am in love with during the month. So that is why I now have a series called 'Three things that I have been loving in...'

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September has been quite easy for me - thank god - and the first thing I have loved this month is a film which I watched on Netflix. The Best of Me is an absolute tear jerker! I am a big crier at films anyway- a sad dog, a lonely person and especially a soppy sad romance has me in tears usually before the end- and I was such a mess after this film. I wont ruin the story for any of you because I think you all need to watch it yourself but I will give you a little inside into the story line. It is about a man and a women who used to go out when they were at school. Life events, family problems as well as other circumstances mean that they stop talking for 8 years and only talk to each other again when a mutual friends of theirs dies.  When they see each other again all the hurt from the past comes back and they have to deal with it all. I had seen the film advertised when it first came out but never got around to watching it and now that I have I can tell you that what you expect the film to be about and what actually happens is completely different. It is definitely worth a watch and I am planing on buying it on dvd so when i need a good cry I can put it on. Am I the only one who sometimes needs a good cry and put on a sad film?

One beauty product that I have loved using this month is the Pure|Colour Highlighter Stick by Newlook in the shade 93|Gold. I hunted high and low in about 6 Newlook shops to find this highlighter and I am so glad that I was persistent. The highlighter is so creamy it blends into the skin like a dream and gives me a super radiant glow all day.  The colour of the highlighter is a slightly glittery, gold champagne colour which suits my skin really well. I have been using this highlighter most days this month on the top of my cheek bones and on my nose and I am in love with it. The highlighter is sold out online but here are other makeup items they have in stock online.

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The last thing I have been loving lately is Twitter. This might sound strange as its twitter and it has been around for years, its nothing new to anyone. Last month I created my own twitter account for my blog and have found it so liberating! I am not the kind of person to throw my content in peoples faces especially on my normal account as I have only told a certain few people in my life about this blog. So having a place where I can share my posts and talk to other bloggers has been amazing. I've made so many friends already and I feel so much more invloved in the blogging world. Before, where I would see people I followed joining in on #lbloggers and #bbloggers chats,  I wouldn't join in because I didn't want people in my life to see me talk about blogging and hunt my blog down out of fear that they would laugh at me as they didn't understand the blogging world. Now I have nothing holding me back from joining in and feel much more apart of this world.

If you are someone like me who doesn't partially want people in your normal life to know about your blog and judge you, I highly recommend that you make a separate Twitter account for your blog so you can feel more involved in the blogging world and so you can highlight your posts to people who are going to read them! My new twitter is @Chelsealuvblog so pop over and follow me!
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