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My Travel Skincare Routine

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Yes that is me behind the flower in the mirror, say hi to make up free, glass wearing chelsea :)

Considering I have an overly large travel make up bag, my skincare bag is relativity small and all pretty different to my last skincare post. Link Here

I have considerably reduced the number of products I use on my face on a daily basis in the last few months and my skin went through a horrible period over Christmas so I swapped around all my products again in the last month.  This few products are what works best for me at the moment and I have no plans to change it any time soon. 

Starting with makeup removal I like to use the Garnier Micellar water as it gets all the dirt and makeup off my face so easily. It works wonders on eye makeup which is something I dread taking off everyday. This product also doesn't dry out my face which is one of the reasons why I love it. 

To wash my face I have been using this Spotless Daily blackhead Scrub which I purchase from Wikos at the end of last year. It is really cheap but it has become a really loved product lately, especially when my skin was at its worst. You can use it three different ways; with a lot of water to use it as more of a face wash, with little water to use it as more of a face scrub, or in the middle for a softer scrub. Hope you got that! 

A new product to my skincare is the Lush Eau Roma Water (post) which paired with the Blackhead scrub has completely rescued my face. Unlike most other toners it leaves my skin hydrated and refreshed and I think it has been one of the factors in clearing my skin.

I have been loving using the Origins Out Of Trouble face mask lately as a night mask on any lumps, bumps and spots on my skin. It reduces the size of them considerably and the redness surrounding any spots.

My last two products are moisturiser for the eyes and the face. I like to use the Lush Enchanted Eye cream during the day to brighten up my eye area. Then I like to use the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser to give my skin extra love during the night and on the days when my skin is extra dry and my toner isn't enough to quench its thrust .

Leave  me any links below to your own skincare posts and videos! 

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  1. I really want to try that Origins mask!
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