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Olay Total Effects Blemish Care Moisturiser

This face moisturiser is my new little gem. No matter whether I am wearing makeup or not, I use this on my face everyday. It is great to put underneath primers, concealers and foundations and doesn't effect any of them.

I picked it up on a whim while I was out shopping and thought 'hey I don't like any of my face moisturisers at the moment, I'll try this one'. I have a few at home already which I don't like using in the morning as I think my makeup doesn't apply normally afterwards so because of this problem, I just didn't apply moisturiser, but with this moisturiser I can put my makeup on straight afterwards and it stills goes on nicely and lasts probably longer.

My skin is definitely smoother since I have been applying this moisturiser everyday so it does what it says in the name. I do not know if the anti-aging side of the moisturiser works as I am only 19 so don't have old wrinkly skin.. but I have faith that if my skin started going south *touches wood* this cream would my out.  I have a feeling that it wouldn't last as long as my other moisturisers as the tub is smaller than my other pots and I've already gone through quite a lot of it already, but I would be willing to pay the money for it. It is normally £9.99 on boots.com but I got it in my local B&M shop for £3.99. So at £3.99 I don't mind going through it quickly.

This is the end of this mini review for you, if you enjoy these let me know and I'll continue as I few more goodies to write about for you guys :)

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