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My Favourite Primers

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A trend that I have really been embracing this year is primers and I have a collection of pretty good products in my stash now. Mainly all drugstore but I do have a special mention for one high end product which I love. I have recently finally purchased the Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm which I am currently trying out so I wanted to take a look at my beloved old favourites before this product takes over my life.

Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer
I think this was the first ever primer I purchased and and the only silicone formula I have in my collection. I love the finish this gives my skin, it always feels like baby skin after I've used it and it does a great job of keeping my makeup in place all day. I need to repurchase this primer again as I'm nearly running out and I like to have it in my stash to go back to all the time.

Newlook Pure Colour Mattifying Primer
I've spoken about this product before quite a few time most recently on Pure Colour Collection so you will know how much I am fond of this product. It really works at stopping my skin from turning oily or shinny during the day and keeps my makeup up to scratch when I'm running around all day.

Benefit Pore-fessional Primer
This is a blogger classic which over the years I have received lots of samples of so I have never had to fork out on a full size which is helpful! The texture of this product is my favourite out of them all as it so soft and creamy on your skin. I tend to use this when I am going out for the evening or for special occasions.

Lastly I have a special mention for my Dior Pore Mininizer Primer which is my favourite (and only) high end primer. This is so luxurious for a primer and my ultra party primer potion for when I go to very special occasions, this baby isn't getting wasted!
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