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The Anti Matte Lip Products

The Anti Matte Lip Products

With all the hype around matte liquid lipsticks that seems to be everywhere right now I thought I would share with you some my most treasured moisturising lip products in my collection. Now I am not hating or bashing matte lip products in any way I have quite a few Nyx Matte Lip Cream in my collection which I really like. 

First of I have a Max Factor Lipstick in the shade Sun Bronze 837 which is a gorgeous mauve shade which has very subtle sparkles in and leaves my lips with a glossy hydrating finish. Another brand of lipsticks which are perfect when my lips are having a dry spell are the Bodyshop Lipstick which don't have a name which is very annoying. I have the shade 11, which I haven't used used yet if I am honest because it is a very little shade compared to my skin tone, and the shade 13 which is again my favourite shade of mauve. It is really moisturising on the lips and like the Max Factor lipstick leaves a nice glossy finish on the lips. 

A group of lipsticks that I have talked about some many times on this blog are the Clinique Colour Pop lipsticks which I bloody love to bits. They are super moisturising and the colours look lovely on the lips, these are great lip products for the summer when your lips need a little TLC but you also want a popping colour on the lips. 

My last lip stash that I absolutely love to give my lips some moisture on a day to day basis are the Rimmel Moisture Renew and Sheer and Shine formulas. I know everyone is going crazy for the new Rimmel Matte Lipsticks right now but these will always be my all time favourite Rimmel Lip products. These are so glossy and balm like that you feel like you you aren't even wearing a lipstick on your lips. The best thing about these lip products? They are glossy and luxurious on the lips but don't lack in colour and pigment. I find with some moisturising lip products that they run of your lips or rub on a glass or when your eat. The colour of these lipsticks is really pigmented and lasts a lot longer than other lipsticks. 

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