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Festive Nails # 2

Festive Nails # 2

This post is the second part of my festive nail series where first of all I showed you my favourite Newlook festive nail polishes, today I'm going to show you my favourite festive nail polishes from other brands.

Starting with one of my all time favourite nail vanish brands Barry M I have two polishes that are perfect for this season. The first is called Amethyst Glitter which I can't seem to find anywhere which is such a shame but I know there will be a load of glitter nail polishes in the shops this season so you wont miss out. This is a spitting image of Multi by Newlook but the partials inside are a little bit more smaller so they might be a little easier to work with if you have quite small nails. The other Barry M shade is this gorgeous vibrant glittery gold which is so gorgeous and is such high quality. All Barry M nail vanish are great quality but this gold really packs a punch, this polish can be used by itself I just usually do one coat and then top it up after it has dried to really make it stand out. It is also a bright gold shade so it would suit any gold jewellery you were wearing. I am so in love with this shade.

Festive Nails # 2

Another brand which is amazing for nail polishes is Models Own which like Barry M you can find in most Boots or Superdrugs and has a huge range of polishes. I have two glitter polishes by them which are amazing, I find with most glitter polishes they last seriously long compared to normal polishes and these two are no different. The first is a bright blue aqua shade called Aqua Splash and is very unusual which is why I like it. This might be a little out there for everyday use but during the Christmas time if you have a gorgeous aqua blue dress this polish would look lovely with it. The other polish is a glitter black with super small silver glitter mixed all in plus slightly larger silver glitter octagons. 

The last two polishes I have to show you guys is the most beautiful blue shade ... and another silver glitter. What can I say I love silver glitter polishes more than life itself. The BeautyUK polish in the shade 40 is a great top coat to add to any nail polish because it is thinner than other polishes so it you on't want your nails to be too in your face, this is a great polish for that. The Miss Sporty polish in electric blue is just amazing, the quality of the nail polish is great and it lasts so long on my nails. This colour livens up any outfit and look good with my skin even when I have no fake tan on. Win win.
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  1. I love BarryM for nails, I feel like they offer such a wide range of colours and formulas at an affordable price! :)
    Anjna Harish

    1. Definietly they are one of my favourites too :) xx

  2. Barry M have such lovely products! I love the colours you picked too, it's a shame about Amethyst not being available! x


  3. Oh no I hate it when a good nailvarnish colour is limited edition or is no longer being sold! I think Barry M always have the best when it comes to festive nail varnish! xx



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