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Mary Berry You Babe! Absolute Favourites

Mary Berry You Babe! Absolute Favourites

Mary Berry You Babe! Absolute Favourites

I am a big fan of Mary Berry because she is a pretty cool lady in all ways. Since moving into my own house I have tried to become a cooking goddess, I've made baby steps...

So I saw this book in WHSmith reduced to £7 which is really good for a Mary Berry book which are usually £20 + so I was excited to pick it up and enroll Mary's help making me a better house wife.

I thought I'd talk you through my favourite recipes from the book and talk you through how some of them went!

I really needed to expand my cooking ability because I was a lazy cook before and I have made one recipe from this book already and I am making another one tonight so hopefully tonight goes as well as the first time!

~Roasted Sausage & Potato Supper (page 62)
This was the first recipe from this book that I tried and it was delicious. I followed most of the recipe including sausages, baby potatoes, peppers and onions but I also added in broccoli and carrots which are my favourite vegetables. It is basically a roast dinner that is roasted all together in a stock cube which makes the flavour really rich and everything a bit wet which is what I like. I did add some gravy on the top just to make it more soggy because I love gravy on everything! It was always really easy to make! You just chop all your veg and potatoes in half, whack it all in a roasting tin with oil and you are done. 

~ Meatballs in Tomato & Basil Sauce (page 70)

I love anything italian so I had to make the meatball recipe!! I am making this for one of my friends tonight and I am a little bit scared because meatball can go either way. 

Mary Berry You Babe! Absolute Favourites

And here are just a few of the more recipes I want to make from the book next...

#Chilli Burgers (page 77)

#Cottage Pie with Crushed Potato topping (page 78)

#Lasagne Express yess pleaseeee! (page 201)

Lastly here are some deserts I can't wait to try! 

#Celebration Chocolate Moose Cake (page 242)

#Granny's Litter Shortbread Biscuits (page 264)

#Lucy's Strawberry Slices (pages 267)
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