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Current Shower Trio | Soap & Glory, Body Shop and Sanctuary Spa

For the last few weeks there has been three shower products that I have really been loving. These are the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub,  the Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream and the Sanctuary Spa luxurious body butter. The Body Shop shower cream is a recent purchase I bought in the sale for I think £3 which is unbelievably cheap! Just how I like it.

The Soap and Glory scrub I have previously talked about here and I have recently fallen back in love with it after a few months apart. When I wasn't using it or other scrub products I noticed that my skin was becoming drier and rougher after I came out of the shower so that promoted me to bring it back into my routine to refresh my dry skin.

The Body Shop shower cream I think is my favourite shower cream of all time. Firstly, the smell of it is amazing, a mix between coco butter and nuts and makes me kinda hungry for chocolate. I find I only need a little bit of products to cover my whole body and it is better used with a loofer to buff around the body and get the most out of it.
It leaves my skin super soft and it doesn't clog my skin either and make me feel like I am carrying the product with me, my skin feels really clean. I am super lazy when it comes to moisturizing and after using this I find I don't need to use one anyway after my shower. That's one less job for me.

I still do use a body butter on them days when my skin just isn't having any of it. I use the Sanctuary Spa luxurious body butter that came in a set I got for Christmas from Cal. I have always been a fan of this brand but realised that I didn't actually have any of their products anymore so again Cal read my mind some how. It is named luxurious for a good reason, it leaves my skin so soft and pampered. It is a really rich thick consistency that just melts into the skin. I am a devoted Soap and Glory body butter lover but this product has over took them by a mile so I think I may need t stock up in them.

These three products I have been loving because they all work really well together and I leave my showers feeling like a new women, how clichĂ© hey!
I would definitely recommend these products to anyone with any skin types, its great for all!

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