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My favourite beauty youtubers

I love watching videos on YouTube of people talking about their favourite products, make up and fashion hauls and tutorials. This is probably the wrong website to say this but I guess I prefer watching videos then reading blogs...

Here are some of the ladies who's videos I am loving at the moment

I'm sure everyone will know who Zoe is.  I've been subscribed to her channel for a year now and like everyone else, I've fallen in love with her! Her videos are about everything; clothes, makeup, crafty bits and some funny videos with the guys.

Gabby is such a lovely girl! Her channel has grown so much over the last fee months and it's not hard to see why. She does great tutorials and is hilarious in every video. Definitely someone to watch!

Corrie again is a lovely girl who makes great videos including clothing hauls and beauty tags. Her style is exactly like mine so I love her clothing videos.

* the makeup chair 
Sineady's channel is great for makeup newbies who want to know the basics like the different concealers, hiding spots and how to apply foundation. She has literally filmed a video for every thing you could want to know. 

These four girls are always top of my list when I look through my subscriptions, they are all really entertaining and have really helped me choose new products and find some right gems!
If your looking for new people to watch on YouTube then definitely have a look at these girls!
Here are all their YouTube links :)
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  1. I like Zoe's channel too:-) x

  2. I love Zoe's channel too and i get what you mean, sometimes it's nice to sit back and watch a video instead of reading a post. I just stumbled upon your blog and can't wait to see more.
    The Hopelessly Optimistic


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