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My Favourite Shops For Home Decor

My Favourite Shops For Home Decor

Ever since moving out I feel like I am always on the hunt for items to add to the house. I always used to like looking through the home sections of shops before but now I actually have space to put these bits rather than stuffing them all in my tiny bedroom at my parents house. I like to shop around for home bits because although I like to have pretty items all around the house, its always about a bargain for me! Here is a list of some of my favourite stores to shop home...

Dunelm is just the stuff of dreams isn't it! We have gone a little crazy in Dunelm recently but you can get everything there. We've bought most of our bath room items from Dunelm because they are such a good price and you can find some really nice patterns and styles. There are also so many bed covers and curtains to cause from there is literary something for everyone's taste.

Great for : bathroom, kitchen and bedroom 

How could I not mention the Swedish equivalent to heaven? Again we went crazy over in Ikea buying wardrobes, kitchen tables and chairs and loads of side tables for every room. It really is great for big items which you don't want to spend too much money on especially when you have just moved out. We planned to buy some cheap tables from Ikea and then over time upgrade them like most people do but I ended loving some of the pieces we got so have no plans to upgrade them! You can also get some much kitchen utensils, bath room pieces, basically anything you would need you can find it in Ikea.

Great for : bath room, bedroom, kitchen, living room - basically every room in the house!

Although most Primarks have a small home section they have a great selection of bedding for such good prices, we have a king size bed so buying bedding can be expensive so when we are buying bedding for our bedroom we normally buy from Primark. I recently bought this gorgeous marble style bedding from them for about £20 which is much cheaper than other places for that size.

Great for : bedding
Although B&M is more of a nic nac shop... I still bloody love it! It is great for cheap decorative pieces round the house like candles and photo frames which I love looking at and there are so many styles of bedding for such good prices. I also love the kitchen section because I got a huge Russell Hobbs pan set for such a good price and we bought our deep fat fryer there for only £20! Its also great for seasonal pieces like Halloween and Christmas, I have bought some Christmas oven mitts from there this week!

Great for : bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and garden & festive decor!!

For me Tesco is all about the appliances, cutlery and plants. Although the home section in my local Tesco isn't the biggest I have found quite a few bits in store including 10 house plants which were all between £3-£6 which is a bargain. I can't promise you that all the plants have survived but I do have the cute little plant pots they've left behind to start again! We also bought our square plates and bowls from Tesco which we love as well as a cute little sharing bowl.

Great for : kitchen and house plants 

This might be the last place you expected me to include but Wilkos has a whole collection of copper kitchen tools which obviously I had to invest in. Although I am not obsessed with copper like some people I still wanted the copper drainer just because it was so pretty! I have also bought some Christmas tea towels and oven mitts because you can never have too many Christmas themed oven mitts.

Great for : kitchen

T K Max / Home Sense
How could I not mention one of the best shops for home pieces! I love everything in these stores mainly because they have something for everyone's style, especially when it comes to seasonal pieces! I always get side tracked by the aisle of pans and saucers of all things, even though I am not the best cook I am obsessed with my kitchen and want every size and shape pan and saucer going. Lastly any shop that has a whole aisle of different coloured candles is a winner in my eyes. 

Great for : kitchen, living room, all the candles & festive decor!!

Lastly I thought I would give an honorable mention to garden centers because although some of you may not know this but garden centers are great places to get items for your home and most of them have amazing Christmas sections. I live across from one of the best garden centers in my opinion and I have been popping in every week to see if their Christmas section is ready yet. Most of them do amazing home made sauces and jams as well so we always keep our cupboards stocked up in jam and chutney. 
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  1. If going to IKEA isn't made into a massive day trip, then you're doing it wrong haha! I love a trip to IKEA as well as Dunelm.. It's always nice to have a look at a wide range of items when you're trying to find the right ones.
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I could basically live in IKEA. I totally get it haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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