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February Birchbox

This months Birchbox has changed my mind about quitting it for sure. I love all the bits and I think I will use all of them (apart from one thing) regularly.

Lets get the rubbish one out of the way... Green Blacks organic dark chocolate. I am not a fan of dark chocolate at all so this will be going to my mum again.

Second is Beauty Protector - protect and oil which is just a hair oil which makes your hair 'healthy, shinny and happy'. I have been using my Aragon oil religiously for months now so it will be nice to try this different oil and see how it differs.

The product I'm the most excited about using is the Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner. I don't have many liquid eyeliners myself, I find pencil eyeliners easier to work but I have been wanting to purchase a new liquid one. I tried this out on my hand and about 10 minutes I tried to wipe it off with my finger and it wouldn't budge so I have a feeling the staying power in this eyeliner is impressive!

Another product that I am really excited to try out is the Urban Veda radiance exfoliating facial polish which claims to 1. naturally brighten 2. balance skin tone and has fruit enzymes? I am a sucker for face cleansers, scrubs, washes and masks. I have a whole draw of them! So I am really excited to see if this works for my skin.

Just like face products, I am addicted to buying body washes, scrubs, butters so the Gilchrist and Soames shower gel intrigues me. At first glance it is quite runny which i prefer for body washes as i feel that i get more from body washes like this and they last longer. Plus it smells quite nice :)

Last is this really nice silver/bluey/grey/shinny nail polish by Leighton Denny. I say its all four colours because it looks different in every light. I hope it transfers like that onto my nails as i think this will be a nice colour to wear on nights out, or on just one finger with the rest of my hand painted black.

I definitely prefer the products i got this month than the products i got last month, hopefully each month it just gets better and better! :)

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