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Del Boy Coat

It is becoming a tradition for me to blog about my favourite new coat of the winter, last year it was my black and white leather sheep coat that I still love now which you can read about here. Ahh look at how clear my skin was back then...

This year it is my absolute bargain of a Oatmeal coloured 'del boy' coat. I call it my 'del boy' coat because when I first wore it my boyfriend said that I reminded him of Del Boy In it, in a good way he added... if there is a good way haha.

I call this my absolute bargain of a coat because I bought it from my favourite app at the moment, eBay, and I only paid £20.99 for it which is unbelievable for a coat! It is from Hong Kong itself and I have purchased quite a few things from China and Hong Kong on eBay which I have thought have been brilliant.

Of course with stuff that is made outside the UK you need to look at the size measurements as smalls to them mean a UK size 0 sometimes, but as long as you check the measurements the clothes should fit you no problem. The coat is a size 12-14 and I ordered this size because I was scared that the 8-10 would be too tight on my back and I wasn't wrong, the 12-14 fits me snuggly and I have room for jumpers and cardigans underneath.

 It is a lovely soft cashmere material and although it is quite thin, surprisingly it is really insulated and warm and of course you have room to put another layer underneath if it is really that cold. My favourite thing about the coat is the fur collar which I am really becoming a fan of recently. It keeps my neck really warm and gives the coat a more mature and smart look. You can take the collar off but without it the coat looks a bit plain to be honest. You have poppers underneath to do the coat up and then gold buttons on top just for show which I like. Plus you have quite small but deep pockets on both sides where the zip is covered by material.

I absolutely love this coat and considering it was from Hong Kong it got to me really quickly so I have been non stop wearing it everywhere. It you are interested in the coat you can look at it on eBay here and we can totally be coat twins! :)

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