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Lumberjack Boots

Okay where is my axe? Its tree cutting time!

Now that I've got that out of my system it is time to tell you guys about my favourite boots that I have been living this winter. I call them lumberjack boots, my boyfriend calls them fake timberlands, you can call them whatever you want!

I bought these boots from Newlook at the end of November and I haven't really took them off since. They were only £27.99, half price with my discount but £28 for these boots isn't bad at all. That are super comfortable to wear and I have done 8 hours shifts running up and down in these and my feet do not hate me in the evening.

The material I wouldn't want to get wet personally just because I wouldn't know how they would turn out but whenever it has been wet outside I have just left them at home. Other than that I have no problems with these boots and I find although they are quite casual, they go with near enough everything, jeans and shirts or leggings and jumpers.

There are still some left on the website so you can go on over and have a gander here.

At the minute all you ever see me in is my Del boy coat and these boots and since they are both the same colour and I wear dark bottoms with them, people must think I never change my clothes!

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