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New Years Resolutions | Reflection on Last Years Resolutions

It has been a whole year since I started this blog and my first post was dedictaed to 2013 and what resolutions I was going to make. I wanted to reflect at the end of the year and see what I have completed from my resolutions post from last year which you can read here.

I know your going to see loads of these types of blog posts everywhere but I do think it is good to reflect on the year and go back to your old resolutions. 

Make the most of my days off At the beginning of the year I was doing really well planning fun things to do on my days off, I have gone to loads of villages with my boyfriend and gone for walks in new places, I've also drove to new places like Peterborough and Cambridge for days out.

Show some love to my old outfits this one hasn't been so successful. I have got into the routine of buying loads of new clothes and then not having the space to put them, so I sort through all my draws and wardrobes and give any old clothes to my friends who I think would wear them. It is good in a way because it means my wardrobe is organised more often but i have given half my wardrobe away this year and just replaced it with new clothes... I would say that was a fail!

Have breakfast EVERY morning this one lasted for about two months which is good for me. Recently if I have had breakfast at all, it has been cakes or a biscuit. Maybe this year I will actually stick to this one.

Treat myself to a pamper session once a week I don't know about once a week but I definitely do pamper myself a fair bit, although a lot of things have got in the way of me sitting down with a face mask on. The only thing I would say I am slacking on is my forgotten nails. I haven't done anything to them in months when I used to have a different colour on my nails every week so this year I do need to show some more love to my nails.

To use up my existing products before I purchase more when I wrote this one last year I was referring to my body products for the shower and such, but now my problem is having too much make up. Over the last 12 months I have bought quite a bit of make up and got some other bits from Birchbox and now my make up draw is overflowing. So this year I shall be focusing on using up all my make up before purchasing anymore. With Body products I have my stash under control for once.

I shall be posting my new years resolutions for 2014 as well so in a years time, I can write another post like this to see whether I have kept up with my new resolutions :)

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