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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is an important and sometimes tedious chore you have to do if you love makeup as much as I do and although it is tedious and I usually have a 'oww I really need to clean my brushes today' feel about it, I do love when they are freshly cleaned. There is nothing more satisfying to a beauty lover than having clean makeup brushes to use.

I learned my method of cleaning makeup brushes from various youtubers and bloggers over the years and watching a few videos recently its clear that most people do it in a very similar way to each other but I thought I would share with you my specific method as well.

Top Tip. Never rinse your brushes upside down so that the water runs directly into the brush head. I can't remember who I watched/read that from but its always stuck with me. Apparently if your rinse water into where the brush is glued together, the water can wash away the glue resulting in the hairs of the brush falling out? I don't know if I have remembered that correctly but it was something around those lines. So watch out guys!

Step 1. Pump a small amount of hand wash or other subtle cleaner onto your hand and splash with water to turn it soapy.
Step 2. Twirl the brush head around your palm making sure all sides of the brush have hand wash on them. The wash on your hand should start to become a different colour, usually light brown from your foundations.
Step 3. Bring your palm under the running water and continue to twirl the brush around your palm until the water that runs off your hands is now clear water again.
Step 4. Pat the brush gently onto a towel and make sure that all the excess water is blotted out of the brush.
Step 5. Leave the brush to dry for a few hours before you start using it again.

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  1. Reading this has just reminded me that my brushes need cleaning!

    I find brushes that I use for foundation are the worst to clean!

    Great post :} x



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