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Monthly Favourites | January '15

Happy February!

It felt so weird putting '15 at the end of this post title, I am so used to seeing '14 everywhere. It is a bit of a wake up call that it is a whole year since I started this blog which feels crazy to me! Time flys when your having a good time I guess...

My favourites for this month are actually favourites for December as well but I felt like I hadn't used them enough to include them in my Favourite Makeup Products From The Year post so they have made their way onto this list instead. Some of these I have already done posts on because I loved them so much so I wont dwell too much on them.

The first is the Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation which has become a favourite of mine. Its a lovely tanned peachy shade and looks great on the cheek bones over lighter foundations. My post on this foundation can be found here.

The second is another purchase I made in December which I loved a lot. It is the Revolution Fluid Blushes which are super pigmented and easy to blend into the skin. Again my post on these can be found here.

Next is something I got in my last Birchbox, the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Smoke which is surprisingly easy to use. I was a bit anxious to start using it as the pencil is huge! But I needn't of worried as the tip makes a perfect thin line on the top of my eyes which I wasn't expecting. I have been using this non stop through out December and January.

Next is something I never have thought I would have put in my favourites but it has now become something that I love using. It is a Beauty Blender that has changed my opinion on using sponges completely. You can read my post about it here

Lastly is something that myself and my boyfriend have been loving for maybe more than 2 months now, we (or maybe I just have) become obsessed with George Clarke and his shows The Restoration Man and George Clarkes Amazing Spaces. It is something that just came about by accident one night when there was nothing on tv. Since that first night we watched all the last episodes of Amazing Spaces before Christmas together and now we've gone onto The Restoration Man. We find them so interesting and we love the designs of all the houses that are shown. It has given us some ideas on what we want in our future house (not to jinx anything touch wood) and I look forward to the episodes every week.

This months post is only small but I expect with all the new products I have to use this month that February's favourite post is going to double the size of this post :)

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  1. I love the Kiko foundation, great post X



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