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Bargain Brushes #2

I have my second set of brushes for you today and they haven't disappointed! These ones I got from eBay again for just £6.18 which is a bargain for such good brushes. As you can see these are copies of Real Technique brushes and comparing these to my proper RT brushes, you can see no difference to how they work. The brushes are really soft and lightweight so hopefully will apply my makeup flawlessly.

You get 5 brushes in this set and you get one brush for everything really. The first one (brushes are arranged back to front because I'm silly)  I have been using to put my foundation on and I haven't actually used anything else to put my foundation on since. I think the reason I prefer this to my old favourite foundation flattop brush is because it is more dense so it feels to me like it buffs my foundation in better and quicker.
The second rounded brush I have been using to blend in my concealer, it is a good brush but I don't know if it overtakes my beauty blender just yet. The third brush is another foundation brush I think I will really get on with, I think this one will be the next brush I use to apply my foundation as it is a bit more rounded then the complete flattop.
The fourth brush is an angled flattop brush that I think I will use to apply contour and hightlight as it should fit perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. The last brush is probably my favourite brush because of the way it looks and feels, it is really light and feels like a feather on the face. I haven't decided what I'm going to use this brush for yet but watch this space because I do think I am going to love it soon enough! 

Look out for the third post about my last brushes coming soon. 

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  1. I have some cheap brushes like these from Amazon and I love them! Great post x


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