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Benefit's Erase Paste

Recently I surcomed to blogger peer pressure (just a phase, no one hold me down and made me buy it really) and purchased the new and impressive looking Erase Paste by Benefit. I watched the video of the girl using it and was amazed at the thought of having something amazing to cover my bad eye circles lately.

I ordered the lightest shade they made (no 1 fair) and which isn't that light at all and when I tried it on my eye bags, it didn't brighten my eyes or make me look less tired. I was pretty disappointed that I had wasted this money on a product that didn't work. 

But just then I had a thought. My skin is quite bad at the moment, I always have at least one spot, and so I tired it out on covering my red spots... And it is amazing! It is just the right shade to blend in with my skin and completely covers the area and hides the redness really well. I feel completely confident just using this to cover my spots and not use any foundation. 

It comes in a really small pot which isn't super hygienic but I just use a different finger for each blemish and obviously wash my hands before applying it. Even though I am covering my skin In it lately with the amount of spots I have I think the product will last me a long time as you don't need a lot of product to do the job. The actual product can last all day on my face as long as I don't touch my face, which I tend to do a lot. 

I would definitely recommend this product, even after our shakey start because the products brilliant at blurring out imperfections and giving you the illusion of a good complexion. It's a winner from me! 

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  1. Great post Chelsea! Very tempted to give it a try!


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