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Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

Autumn winter fashion is my absolute fav and I have gone a little crazy on the jacket buying in the last few months. I have a different style of jacket for any occasion now and I don't think I will stop here either. All of these jacket are new apart from one very old swede jacket which I bring out every winter.

The first jacket is this dark grey fur gillet which I fell in love with when I saw it. I love gilets during the colder months to layer on top of thick jumpers and roll necks and I always feel dressed up wearing this style. I have this in two colours as well because I love this so much, I have a snow white version which makes me look like the abominable snowman. I love wearing earthy toned skirts with this gilet as the colours always compliment each other and also it looks like I have put a lot of effect into my outfit when really I've just thrown on some fur. Without this gilet I find some outfits look a little too plain so I like to add this to make the outfit complete. 

Running with the fur theme I have this denim jacket with a fur colour which looks really good on top of dresses or with black denim. I purchased one of these last year or the year before from Primark as everywhere else had sold out of this style denim jacket so Primark was my last resort. The jacket I bought wasn't exactly what I wanted so I have wore it a total of 5 times since I bought it... I need to learn to be patient! Anyway this jacket is exactly what I wanted and I love that the body is quite short so it really sorts high waist denim which I mainly live in. It also looks super cute with high waist patterned skirts which you know I love. I love the look of a roll neck poking through a fur collar as well so I like to wear them underneath the jacket. Although the jacket has the fur collar it isn't the warmest of jackets so it is a great jacket to wear at this stage of autumn when the weather isn't too cold.

Next have a different style of jacket which I am obsessed with. When I saw this out shopping I loved it straight away and thought it would look great on top of all my autumn dresses which suit a long coat more then short ones. It is quite big and over sized so I can wear this on top of any style dress because you won't see it underneath the coat and it does have quite broad shoulders so I think I will always wear my hair down this jacket. Does anyone else feel better with their hair down with some outfits or just me? Anything with puffy sleeves appeals to me so I had to buy it and it is like that is has a leather look finish so if it gets wet I can just brush the water off and the coat wont get ruined. I also like that it does't have a sip or clasp as sometimes that weighs down the jacket and it doesn't have nicely but I like how this jacket hangs as if it is closed

Autumn Jacket Collection | Newlook and Zara

A throw back coat for you all is this super cosy fake sheep coat from the 915 section of Newlook from like 4 years ago. I love this coat because it fits like a dream and keeps me so warm in the winter, it is my favorite to wear when we are in the middle of winter. I usually wear this with a black or brown roll neck top or jumper with a skirt and it really makes the outfit. I will try and find one similar to this as I know this exact coat wont be on the website anymore. Whenever it snows I bring out this jacket because I know it will keep me warm and I won't be waking up with a cold! Over time the sleeves have appeared smaller and smaller on my arms so I have to style out the hidden hand look because my top/jumper sleeves are so long.

I'm finishing with my all time favourite yellow leather jacket from Zara which I purchased last year. I found this jacket in one of the many Barcelona Zara stores and fell in love straight away. I got it in a Small and it fits me perfectly and goes with nearly every outfit I try it with. I love that it is a mustard yellow shade because it really suits browns, burgundys and blacks which is what I wear a lot during this season.

Denim Jacket Link
Shell Pink jacket Link
Fur Camel Jacket Link (similar)
Yellow Leather jacket Link (original used)
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  1. I love the third jacket, as the colour is gorgeous! I bought the same jacket the other day from New Look, but it isn't made from leather. Totally agree that it's nice with your hair down!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I have the same mustard jacket and I just adore it so much!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    1. Gorgeous isn't it! I bought the pastel blue version as well and don't wear it half as much as this colour!

  3. I love denim jacket with fur, I'm happy you found the one you love :D
    I also really like leather one from zara. Although I say I'll buy brown jacket every single fall, I always go for all black... >.<

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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