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Finishing Touches

I think accessories can make an outfit come alive and turn it from simple to eye catching. I always feel naked unless im wearing at least one piece of jewellery (usually earrings). Here are some of my favourite accessories to add to my everyday outfits.

My friends and family make fun of me because I wear these fake black glasses but I absolutely love them! I think they really finish off my face once I've done my makeup, they give my face more definition and make it look less round. You'll always see me wearing them on the days when I can't be bothered to do any mascara as they still open up my eyes. All of my family wear glasses so I'm only preparing myself for later on in life...

Blue Heart Necklace 
This was a present from my sister which I think is my favourite necklace of all time. Me and my sister both love the film Titanic and she saw this necklace and remembered that I love the pendent in the film so bought it for me. I love the size of the heart and it stands out with whatever I pair it with. 

Michael Corrs Blue Watch 
This was an unexpected present from my parents which I love to wear, it is unlike any other watch I have seen around and it is just my style. I don't like the same gold or rose gold watches that everyone seems to have so this was a lovely addiction to my watch collection. I wear this watch on most of my days off as I always like to have a watch on, even though my phone is normally always in my hand. 
Gold Drop Love Heart Earrings 
These are my favourite earrings to wear with plain or simple outfits. They are only a simple design but they still change the look of any outfit and make it look like you have put in that little bit more effort. They are only a cheap purchase i made in Newlook (I think) last year and they are still in decent condition. 

Blue Bead Braclet
Again, this was a present from my parents for a birthday or Christmas. It is a lovely blue chesalled (I think that's what you'd call it) design with a white and silver bead in the enter of the braclet. You can tell what my favourite colour is right? Haha I love the effect that this braclet gives off in the light and it goes with all my other favourite accessories. 

What pieces of jewellery do you wear to finish off an outfit? :)  

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