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January Loves '16

January Favourites Lush Revolution Sleek Newlook Bodyshop

It is crazy to think that it is the end of January already and I have a few great products to talk to you about today. 

Starting with skincare, I have been using the Lush Eau Roma Water Toner no stop since I purchased it this month. I was having a few skin problems at the time when I purchased this and I hoped it would fix my face with its magic and I'm happy to report it actually has. I spray two pumps of this toner onto my hands and then smooth it all over my face. It leaves my skin super soft, moisturised and feeling clean. 

Another product I have been using non stop since I purchased it is the Newlook | Pure Contour Palette in the shade Brown Pattern. I saw this palette open on the counter in Newlook and knew the light contour shade would be perfect for me and it was! It is my perfect shade to contour with and has brought the fun back into powder contour. Everyone is commenting on my contour game recently and most people are shocked to know the product in question is by Newlook. 

On them days when I'm being really lazy and want a more casual look, I use my trusty Revolution Contour Stick. This is my favourite cream contour shade ever! I have quite a few cream contour sticks in my collection but I always reach for my Revolution stick over all the rest recently! 

My next favourite is a new lipstick of mine by the Bodyshop which I have reached for most days since Christmas. This was one of my Christmas presents from my sister and it is a perfect shade for me. I have never owned a Bodyshop lipstick before now and since trying this product, I want to expand my collection. The formulation is so creamy and moisturising on my lips, they leave my lips healthy even when they are having a dry day. 

Lastly I have a product which has become a staple in my makeup bag this month. The Lethal Length Mascara by Sleek is great for big individual leashes. This is the only mascara I have been using on a day to day basis this month and if I do go out anywhere fancy or want to make more of an effort, I can up my mascara game but going over my lashes again with the mascara to add even more volume. 

January Favourites Lush Revolution Sleek Newlook Bodyshop
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  1. That palette sounds and looks great!
    Charlotte / charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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