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10 Things Frozen Has Taught Us

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Frozen has become my all time favourite Disney film, of all time. I mean I know being a 90s girl I should secretly still love all the classics and I do, but Frozen has topped the charts. Since you guys really liked my Cinderella post, here are 10 things that Frozen has taught me...

  1. Sister are supper annoying and don't let anything go 
  2. But family is the most important thing in the world
  3. Don't bottle up your emotions
  4. Always embrace your talents, don't hide them
  5. Snowmen are amazing especially when they can talk
  6. Don't let the haters push you into the shadows
  7. Always choose the blonde hair guy (hi Cal)
  8. Talking about your feelings feels so good
  9. Don't be ashamed that your child is different
  10. If your a princess, don't trust anyone with 12 brothers!
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