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Period Pain Remedies

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It's that time of the month again when I want to curl up into a ball and die. A little over dramatic maybe but we are allowed to over dramatize it since sometime it does feel like death is gripping us from within. I need a lot of home comforts to help me through this dreaded time and I am going to share them with you today. I am currently sitting here in bed with 4 of them on/being used, just waiting on Cal to finish watching football so I can have the last!

  • Lots and lots of chocolate - white, milk, in cookies, in bar form, with ice cream. Basically anything with chocolate on will be fine.
  • The most fluffiest Pjs I can find - matching off course with big slippers and a dressing gown to go with.
  • Lush showers daily- I always feel gross on my period so daily showers using the best smelly Lush products help me feel better.
  • Hot water bottles are life! Especially if they have a furry cover.
  • Big fat pillows to place in between your legs when you sleep - Please tell me I am not the only person who does this to ease the pains at night?!
  • I know I mentions chocolate but like any food at all will do. Home cooked is the best but takeaway does the job, especially if there is no one to cook it for me!
  • Big baggy joggers and a comfy hoodie - preferably the boyfriends as they always seem to be more comfy. 
  • Lots of cuddles with the boyfriend - If you don't have one a teddy will do, they might even be better...
Now time to curl up listening to Shaun Mendes voice to sooth my sore belly...
P.S I couldn't find a photo to go with the post so have some snapchat selfies of me!

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