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10 Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2016

10 Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2016
It has become a tradition for me to do a round up post around New Years on my most popular posts of the year. I usually write about my top 5 posts of the year but since they seem to be very similar to my top 5 last year so I'm going to take you through my top 10 this time around to change it up.

1. How To Style | Ripped Jeans 
This post still gets a lot of love 2 years on and I am so happy as I loved writing it. I take you through my favourite looks that I style with ripped jeans from checked shirts to over sized jumpers to winter boots. I got all the photos from Pinterest which is my main source of inspiration for most of my outfits.

2. Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation
This is another post which a year on still gets so much love. I was really excited to try this foundation and sadly I don't still have it in my collection after using it up and never repurchasing it. Since this post I have tried loads more products from Kiko and it has become one of my favourite brands for eye products.

3. Why Lily Collins Will Forever Be My Girl Crush
This post is all about my favorite gal on the planet. I run through a list of reason why she is amazing and why she is my girl crush and trust me, there are quite a few. If you love Lily too then you will love all the photos I included.

4. Pure Lips
You guys should know by now how much I love Newlook makeup. For a high street clothing brand I think most of their products are top notch. A popular post of mine is this post on my first 4 Pure Colour lipsticks that I bought, shock the lipsticks are all nude but you know me very well. Since then I have bought soooooo much makeup from the brand and definitely recommend to everyone.

5. Why Short Girls Have More Fun
I wrote this post after having all my hair chopped off and I felt like a new women tbh. I have been trying to grow my hair for so long but it never seemed to reach further than my shoulders so I took the plunge and cut my hair into a short bob. I absolutely loved it so wrote a post about all the great thing about having short hair. It also features me other girl crush Jenna Louise Coleman.

6. Pure Colour Collection | The Good, The Bad and The Wonderful!
So you know I love Newlook makeup and this bumper post includes all of my collection from their old collection. They have recently re-branded their range so non of the products look the same as in their post but it does give you an idea of how good their products are and which ones to look out for.

7. My Hair Inspiration
Linked to my previous post about why I loved having short hair, I posted this first of all the beautiful women who inspired my to chop off my hair. It includes beauties like Poppy Deyes, Wonderful You and Jenna Louise Coleman. It also shows off my new hair which sadly has totally grown out now.

8. Rimmel Foundations | The Formulas
Rimmel foundations have always been one of my brands to use so I had to write a post about all my favourites. It includes Wake Me Up, Match Perfection and Lasting Finish which are firm favourites in my collection. You really can't go wrong with this brand.

9. LaRoc Beginners Eye Shadow Palette
In this post I talk through this amazing eye shadow palette I found on eBay for £4.99. It is a right bargain and definitely deserves a look if your love brown and golden shades. It is a big chunky for travel but you have everything you would need to do god knows how many makeup looks.

10. 5 Things I Wish I Knew At The Start | Blogging
This post is slightly different to my normal posts as I talk about a few things I wish I knew when I started my blog how many years ago. A lot of you found this post really helpful which made me really happy and made the post worth while.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who had followed my little blog this year and a huge thank you to everyone who has followed my blog for a long while. I love writing this blog and I am so happy people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it xxx

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