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Lush Products I Got For Christmas

Lush Products I Got For Christmas

My family and friends know me very well and I got a ton of Lush Bath Products for the bath this year so I thought a post was definitely in order. You really can't go wrong with a Lush Bath Bomb or Shower Cream when you are feeling run down.

Floating Island is the only bath oil I got for Christmas and I am interested to try this out. I am pretty sure I have used a bath oil from them before but I don't remember anything special about it so when my skin is needing a pick me up, this bad boy will have its time to shine.

Two Bubble Bars which I am so excited to have in my collection again are the Comforter and Brightside. I owned both of these before and I absolutely loved them for so many reasons. I crumbled a little bit into my bath and the amount of bubbles they produce are amazing. The bars lasted me so long before I was so sad to see them finish. Brightside made my bath a bright pink mess of bubbles and Comforter made my bath look a little bit like bright pee but it was still lovely.

Bath Bombs have to be my favourite products from Lush and I got a 8 bath bombs in total for Christmas which made me a happy bunny indeed. I got two Golden Wonder bath bombs which is very exciting because look at them! What could be better than a gold castle and it smells really citrus-y (yes I have just made up that word). I also got The Experimenter bath bomb with I have used before and loved. It makes your bath a rainbow colour which looks a-m-a-zing! Fizz Banger is a amazing smelling yellow colour which smells like a really sweet apple pie which is one of my favourite deserts. Intergalactic is like Experimenter because it feels your bath with lots of colour but mainly a sparkley blue which I absolutely love, it reminds me of the Frozen bath bomb which is one of my all time favourites. Butter Bear is a super cute white bear which smells like a savory butter cake which smells amazing and really makes me what some cake. Lastly for bath bombs I got Ickle Baby Bot which I have already used, it is a super cute little blue robot which made my bath turn baby blue in colour, I found it didn't do anything apart from change the colour though so glad I used that one first and saved some of my favourites for later.

Lastly I got the Snow Fairy shower gel which smells like heaven to me. Its smells like them candy necklaces that you used to eat when your were a kid but x1000 in impact. I find Lush's shower gels are so amazing for their smell and how amazing they leave my skin. They lather up so well and leave my skin so soft and smelling like a candy shop.

Right now I wish you could add smell to posts so you can all smell how amazing my room smells now from have all the products out of their packaging. I shall link all the products which are still availible on the website, let me know what is your favourite bath bombs and bars.
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