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6 Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch!

6 Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch!

I love a good documentary, its my favourite thing to watch at the minue and Netflix is my go to place find a new documentary film to watch. Since getting Netflix last year I have watched most of the documentaries they have and out of all of them, these are my favourite ones.

M A K I N G  A  M U R D E R E R 
I watched this series before it become the biggest documentary ever and I can tell you that it is definitely worth a watch. The series became mine and Cals obsession and we got so into it that we regularly google Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey to see if they have been released yet. We are both strong believers in Brandon being completely innocent so watching the show was really frustrated. On the other hand with Steven we aren't completely sure but the show really does make you question everything. It is so good I really recommend it!

This is the latest documentary I have watched and I know I am late to the party but forgive me. I have never been to Sea World or anything of the same kind and I am so glad that I haven't now after watching this film. What is good about the making of this film is it is about a killer whale who has killed a number of people but the whole time I just felt sorry for Tilikum. It totally pulls on your heart because you feel horrible for the people who have died and their poor families, but you also feel bad because you know Tilikum is doing this because he confined in a pool rather than being with his family in the ocean. If you are a animal lover you will love this but be prepared to have your heart broken.

Another fish but of a different kind, Catfish follows Nev as he tracks down the girl who he has fallen in love with online. I love watching Catfish the TV series so I had to watch the film that started it all. It really opens your eyes to what happens when you enter the online world and how emotional involved people can become with someone they haven't even met before. I don't think I could ever be as trusting as Nev is to plan a life with someone from the internet. The fact this film has made Nev famous within his own right is great and if you love the TV show, I recommend watching the film to see a baby faced Nev.

L O U I S  T H E R O U X
Cal and I love watching Louis' documentaries and he has so many on Netflix you would be sorted for a weekend binge sess no problem. You wouldn't expect Louis to be a good journalist and documentary maker as he is pretty awkward and shy but that is what makes the documentaries so good. I love it when he asks awkward questions other people might not ask. A few of our favourite episodes are The Most hated Family in America, Miami Mega-Jail and Behind Bars. I love watching prison documentaries and Louis' episodes on prisons are really good.

A M A N D A  K N O X
This documentary is one that I am still not sure on what I think about it all. When the murder happened in 2007 I didn't become too involved in the trial and when the news said she was guilty I didn't question it. Fast forward to last year when I watched the documentary and I am in total limbo on how I feel. For those of you who don't know, Amanda and her boyfriend were jailed for the killing of the girl Amanda shared a house with, they were acquitted of the murder in 2015 and the film follows her after she is released and shows footage of the trail. The evidence the court raises and the interviews she gives afterward have totally through me on my verdict. If you have watched it/ go on to watch it please tell me your opinion!

Aileen Wuornos: The selling of a Serial Killer and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer are two documentaries on Netflix about a women called Aileen Wuornos who is known as the first major female serial killer. After watching interviews with Aileen I seriously think she was disturbed and needed psychiatric help more than anything but that didn't happen for her. The documentaries follow her trail and what happened after the trail leading up to her execution. A good watch if you are into documentaries about female killers.

Hopefully Netflix will add some more documentaries to to app to watch as prison and murder films have become an obsession of mine. I recently watched 60 Days In Jail and Women Who Kill which are both currently on 4OD and seriously worth a watch, especially 60 Days in Jail.

If you have any new documentaries you think I might like comment them below!  
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  1. I've only watched Blackfish out of all these & it was really interesting. I must check out the rest of your recommendations!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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