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YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It

YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
YouTube and Blogging Made Me Buy It
Watching YouTube and reading blogs means my bank balance regularly gets a bashing after a new product is raved about and like most people I get taken in by the hype of products. My collection is full of products that I have seen someone I look up to talk about and thankfully most of the items are good with only 3 products I wouldn't recommend.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This is a cult classic for most people and I tried this product right at the beginning when I was starting out and haven't looked back since. It really is as good as everyone says and I recommend this to everyone.

Baby Lips
You guys know how bad I suffer from dry lips and since trying these lip balms many moons ago I haven't bought another product since. They last me ages even though I use them multiply times a day and are great to wear underneath lip products.

Real Techniques Brushes
Being a blogger I always want to support other bloggers who bring out products and the Real Technics brushes are items I would happily buy multiple times to show my support. They are some of my favourite brushes to use and even though I do have some cheap versions in my collection, I do always go back to the originals when I want my face to look the best.

NYX Lips
These exploded last year in the blogging community and when the counter finally came to the town next to mine I picked up a few bits to try and fell in love with the products. I have three lip creams which I regularly keep in my makeup bag for everyday use and there are so many more NYX lip products I can't wait to try.

Nivea Post Shaving Balm
Nikki Tutorials made this such a popular product that I thought this was going to completely change my life. I do love using this as a primer as my skin looks amazing and last for so long, it is perfect for weddings or nights out when you want your skin to stay fresh all day/night. I don't wear it very much though as I do think it causes spots on my skin so I save it for special occasions.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Nearly ever beauty blogger or YouTuber has this foundation in their collection it seems and I totally understand why. it is amazing at making my skin glow and look like I have the perfect skin. I go through stages of wearing it everyday and then not wearing it for weeks because I don't want to run out. The price of this product is great and definitely worth a try if you don't have it in your collection.

Top Shop Glow Pot
At one time nearly everyone was using this highlighter in blog posts and videos and now its kind of become forgotten about. This is a great highlighter at such a good price, a lot of people have compared this highlighter to many high end products which show how good it is. The only down side to this product is that it does rub off my foundation when I apply it. Knowing me though, I am probably applying it wrong.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer 
I don't know anyone who doesn't like this bronzer and that shows how popular this bronzer actually is. I bought it a very long time ago and I still love it as much as when I first got. I think the best thing about it is that you can use it as a bronzer as well as a contour because the tone of the product is perfect for both.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo
To this day I still use my Colour Tattoos on a regular basis as they are so easy to use. I have 3 shades in this and I think its time to pick up a few more shades soon. They blend really easily and last a long time on the lids so they are definitely worth the hype for me. I love to use them on lazy makeup days.

T H E  B A D
Mac Studio Fix 
So many people love this foundation so of course I had to try it but I have been disappointed. I hardly use this foundation but I can't bare to throw it away or pass it on because I want to like it. I like natural looking skin and this foundation can look natural if your don't use a lot of product but most of the time when I wear it, it just ends up looking cakey. I find with this foundation I don't like the look of it until its been on for a few hours which isn't good because then I have to take it off. I think for the price, the foundation just isn't worth it.

Benefit Erase Paste
This concealer was really hyped about when it first came out and that made me try it out not long after it surfaced. I got the shade fair which I thought would be great for me but it was really orange toned, when I had a tan it wasn't too bad on my skin but the coverage and the tone just didn't work for me. Also the pot was really annoying to use.

Bodyshop Shade Adjusting Drops
Everyone went crazy for these drops when they first came out and I really wanted to try out the dark drops because I thought they would be more useful. I don't know whether I used it wrong but every time I used these drops my foundation just looks muddy which is not the look I was going for. I started using the drops to cream contour my face which worked better than darkening my foundation but since I don't cream contour very often, the product just didn't get used.

What products have you bought thanks to blogging or YouTube?
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  1. The Nivea Balm is something bloggers/Youtubers made me buy too, haha. I actually have a long list of products that bloggers influenced me to buy & I've only been in the blogging world for a little over a year. Oops!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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