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A Week In My Shoes | Birthday Weekend

A Week In My Shoes | Birthday Weekend

I've started this follow me around post on a good weekend as it was recently my birthday so I had over a week off work to enjoy the festivities and the sunshine! This is basically a round up of my week with all the boring bits taken out which for this week there wasn't a lot of. 

Saturday 2rd April 
I rather have the full weekend off so I made sure I enjoyed it and on the Saturday my sister and I drove to Cambridge for the day which was lovely. The weather was really sunny and warm so the drove was picturesque and the park was the perfect place to enjoy a rest for an hour or so. We had a cheeky trip in Newlook, Primark and Lush where I bought most of the stuff I showed in my haul post. We also had a cheeky Zizi for lunch which was amazing, we had pizza and garlic and herb potatoes!

Sunday 3rd April - My Birthday!! 
For the actual day of birthday Callum, my sister and I went to Bicester for a little look round and I was a good girl and only got a new moisturiser and two delicious crepes. We never end up staying at Bicester for very long as most of the shops there aren't our cup of tea so we drove down the road to the town and have a little walk round in the sunshine which was lovely. After we sat in the sun for a nice drink at the local pub we went to Buddies for dinner and I had beautiful burger. 

Monday 4th April 
After a busy weekend I was pretty tried so a friend of mine and I went for a pub lunch and had a lazy day in the sun chatting and making plans for the following weekend. 

Tuesday 5th April 
I had a rather boring day on Tuesday and caught up with my washing, blogging and tv shows, wish is very important. But in the evening I picked Callum up from work, made burger and chips for dinner (which was tasty) and went to the cinema to finally see Beauty and the Beast. Callum wasn't too much of a fan of the film but I loved it and can't wait to watch it again on dvd. 

Wednesday 6th April
On this day I didn't do anything other than be lazy watching youtube videos and reading blog posts but in the evening I went to go see one of my oldest friends in his new house which was great. I haven't seen him for months and looking at his new build only made me more excited to get into mine!

Thursday 7th April
On Wednesday my friend and I went to a kids park called Wickstead Park which has big fields, a long route to walk, a play area and rides for all ages. It was a lovely day weather wise and once we had enough of the sun we went back to hers and made a homemade cheesecake which looked amazing if I do say so myself. After sitting in the conservatory for a few hours I spent the rest of my evening relaxing in the bath. 

Friday 8th April 
On Friday I went to lunch with some friends at Kaspers Deserts which is the best thing to ever be invented. It is basically a restaurant which sells cakes, crepes, waffles, ice creams and anything else you can think of. I would highly recommend this place. Then in the evening I spent the evening eating take away and having a belated birthday sleepover with my friends which I haven't done since I was about 15. 

Saturday 9th April 
After I finally woke up on Saturday after the sleepover my friend and I decided to grab some lunch from Waitrose and went and sat in the park to caught a tan until the early evening. The perfect way to end a sunny and relaxing week off!

Outfit Details
Top - Newlook
Jeans - Newlook (similar)
Shoes - Primark 
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