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What's In My Shower | £1 Bargain Products

What's In My Shower | £1 Bargain Products
Kind of a strange title I know but I have some bargain shower products that I really wanted to talk about so I thought I would include them in a 'What's In My Shower' post.

First off starting with my hair Callum is a touch picky when it comes to hair products so we always have Tresemme products in our bathrooms. We currently have the Tresemme Volume and Body Shampoo and Conditioner in our shower and it is worth every penny. My hair is super thick and straight and it needs some help keeping its body and keeping it bouncy. These product do this as well as keeping my hair shinny and healthy. Because my hair is so shinny and straight it can get greasy quite easily so washing my hair can be a irritating task but you only need a small amount of product to do the job.

As for my body I found some absolute bargain shower products that make showering a lot more fun. I found in Asda of all places four Radox shower gels and creams all for a pound. Yes a pound! I love a good bargain especially when it smells so good!

I picked up four different flavors and each one is better than the first. First I have the Pomegranate and Red Apple Shower Gel which you can guess smells amazing! You only need a small amount of product for it to lather up and it leaves my skin smelling amazing. For just a pound they are absolute bargain purchases and easily something to stock up on. You can never have too many shower products and I like to change up what I use in the shower frequently. I also bought it in the Pink Grapefruit and Basil Shower Gel, the Cherry Blast Shower Gel and the Berry Blast Shower Cream which all smell amazing and are the best things to use when you feel a little bit grim.  The shower gels come with a hook as well so you can hang them in the shower which I love!

Now time to go have a shower I think! 
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  1. The pink grapefruit sounds incredibly refreshing! Be perfect for the winter mornings when your feeling miserable! xo

    ​Jess xo | ​Jessica Ann ❤️


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