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Things I Want To Do This Summer

Things I Want To Do This Summer

Although I am a winter girl at heart I love love love summer time, even though summers in England aren't the best. Every morning recently I have woke up to the sun shining through my window and then when I leave the house I am absolutely freezing my breasts off! I really really need some sun especially now this annoying snow storm has arrived!

I have already started making a list of things I want to do this summer with Cal and the girls so I thought I would share it with you all (and keep it as a reminder to do these things!)

Go to a pub garden for Sunday lunch 
I normally get 9/10 Sundays off so I love going out for a late lunch on a Sunday. I love having a roast (because I don't have to make or clean up afterwards) and sit in the pub garden enjoying the weather. Fruit ciders are my summer, winter, spring and Autumn drink so I'd never say no! 

Go for walk round random villages 
Even before I moved to the village we live in now Cal and I have always loved walking round cute little villages. We love old buildings, churches and manor houses so if a village has any of these Callum and I will walk round. 

Go crazy golf/driving range 
I went crazy golf for the first time last year and loved it! I wasn't the best but I enjoyed playing it so much. I then went to a driving range for the first time after that and enjoyed that even more. I was actually not that bad at the driving range so I really want to have another go this summer. We have a giant golf course just half an hour away in Milton Keynes so I want to drive down as soon as it is warmer outside and give it another go. 

Go for a picnic in Emberton /Wickstead park
We are very lucky that Wickstead park is only 10 minutes away in the car from us so when the weather is good we normally go there for the day and take some food and lay down in the sun. You can either have a lazy day in the sun or walk round the ground and play on the rides. It has so much there is something for everyone. I really can't wait to go back and if we want a change of scenery we can drive a little further to Emberton Country Park in Olney which is super pretty and right next to the village of Olney which is nice to walk round. 

Go to the Zoo!
I love going to the zoo on a sunny day and we live not far from the Hamerton Zoo which is surprisingly bigger than you would have imagined. They have everything from Meerkats and lions to camels so definitely worth the money. 

BBQ in the garden
I have been to many BBQs over the years but I have never hosted one myself so I really want to host one this year in our garden. We have a big enough garden to host all of our close friends and family so hopefully we don't burn down the house... I will let you know how that goes.

Go for a weekend away at a English seaside 
Although I have gone down to the seaside many times over the years, I have never spent more than one day there so I would love to spend a weekend somewhere. I am someone who is easily pleased so spending the weekend laying on a beach and playing the penny machines sounds amazing to me. 

Transforming my garden into the secret garden 
I really want to become the new Charlie Dimmock this summer and transform my garden from boring to colourful. I am going to watching lots of old Garden Sos and Garden Rescue shows for some tips and inspiration. I will blog the process once it is underway. 

Hopefully keep my house plants alive for longer 
Not much more explanation needed really. 
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