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10 most popular posts from 2017

10 most popular posts from 2017
I might be a little late with this post but I think I can be forgiven given the start of the year I had. This is a little tradition I do every year where I go through the 10 most popular blog posts from the previous year.

The most popular blog post of 2017 is no surprise to me because it has featured in every popular blog post post since 2015. I don't know why but you guys love this post since 2014 How To Style Ripped Jeans when it first went up. In the post I take you through my favourite ways to style my ripped jeans showing you photos from Pinterest.

My second most popular blog post from 2017 is Why Short Girls Have More Fun which is basically a silly post which I wrote right after I first cut my hair off into a lob. I featured my main girl Jenna Louise Coleman who even today is still my main girl crush.

Next up is post all about one of my favourite drugstore brand for foundation. Rimmel Foundations take you through all the foundations I had in my collection at the time and which formulas I like. I always say you can't go wrong with a Rimmel Foundation!

Next is another post all the way back from 2015 about my Dream Pinterest Home where I show you photos from Pinterest of my dream type of kitchen. I love the look of old fashioned wooden kitchens with big windows, anything that looks like a cottage catches my eye.

My fifth most popular post from last year was my New Years Solutions for 2015 which I totally forgot about. It is nice to look back and see if I have actually achieved what I set out to do 3 years ago. The first resolution was to start saving money again after just buying my car, I have definitely done that saving enough money to buy a house! Mission completed for that one I think! Next was to stop getting take away and learn to cook more which I would say I have done since moving out. I can make loads more now and only really get takeaway if someone comes over to visit or when I'm home alone. My final resolution was to plan more things to do in the warmer months and I've already made my summer checklist for this year so I can check that off my list!

My sixth most popular post was a list of reasons Why I Love the Autumn Time which is my favourite time of the year. We might as well use this now since it feels like winter is coming again.

Next up is my Whats in My Makeup Bag from September 2017 which features all drugstore products which I still love today and have repurchased many times already. It also features my Zoella makeup bag which looks super cute in photos.

Next up is a wish list I made back in October of all the products I want to invest in this year and sadly I haven't had a chance to purchase any yet. I'm hoping I will get some for my Birthday next month hint hint Callum and Laura...

My 9th most popular post of 2017 is My Favourite Shops For Home Decor with home related posts becoming my favourites to write recently. I love reading about what other people buy to kit out their homes and love writing them too. We are 10 months into living in our house and still no where complete in filling the house. By the end of the week we will have another corner of the house started but finding home decor pieces can be time consuming,

Lastly we have my engagement story post which went up September last year, 5 months after Callum proposed. Like I said in the post it was a complete shock when it happened and even know I forget that I am engaged, especially now while my ring is away for a few weeks being cleaned. If you want to feel like you know me a little better take a read of this post.

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