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Hello 2014!

I have never really been one for new years resolutions. I find that they are just things that people promise they will do/change about themselves but never actually follow through with. Nevertheless I do have some things that I want to do this year. They aren't the typical go to the gym or eat more healthy resolutions but they are things that I think I should/need to do :)
Make the most of my days off
I am quite a lazy person so when I have a day off you can usually find me in my bed watching a DVD or on my laptop. From now on though, I want to plan things for when I'm free so I don't get to the point where I need to leave the house because I've spend too much time inside. I'm quite confident in exploring new places by myself so I plan to just pick a place to drive to and see what I find.
Show some love to my old outfits
I am really bad at buying new clothes and stuffing my old clothing into the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again until I have a massive clear out (slaps wrist). Working in a clothing store means I have to keep updating my wardrobe with the latest stock but I do try to mix my new clothing with something I brought months ago. Whether it is a new shirt with some jeans from last year or a new dress with a old cardigan, I feel better knowing that I am making the most of all my clothes.
Have breakfast EVERY morning
I am one of them people who would rather spend more time in my bed before I start to get ready then take the time to go make myself breakfast. I know it's bad but I have never been a breakfast eater. From now on though, I will be forcing myself to get up and have something, I will be needing energy when my job changes in the next few weeks so I wont be able to get away with not eating until 12/1 o'clock anymore. Even if it's just an apple before I leave or something to eat once I get to work, I should feel better in the long run.
Treat myself to a pamper session once a week
At the moment I only treat my skin to a pamper session when I can remember (or when I'm bored) so I think my skin deserves to be pamper more often. I recently bought loads of facemasks in Homebargins for 99p each so I have no excuse to not use them weekly at that price.
To use up my existing products before I purchase more 
I have the typical beauty obsessor's problem... buying more beauty products before I've used up the ones I already have. It got to the point where after I spend £50 on body products on boots.com, I had enough body creams/butters/washes/scrubs for 10 people... opps. The worst part was that half of the bottles were started already, I knew then that I had to just use one body butter until it was finished. So now I'm working my way through the ones that I had already started and not touching my new products until I actually need them. Hopefully after a while, I will have space to put my products (I have three boxes full at the moment, I know its excessive)


And those are my new years resolutions for 2014, I hope I stick to them and then if I am still writing this blog in 2015, we can see if I have :) 
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